What took place at IYC2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana, from July 2–5, created a moment for life change as the Holy Spirit met us and moved supernaturally in the lives of both students and leaders. The theme this year was “On Track” with subthemes Faith, Purity, Joy, and Focus. Almost 4,000 students and their leaders from the United States and Canada, along with international guests from Germany, Great Britain, Guam, Italy, India, Japan, and Romania, converged in Indy to connect with God and one another.

The traditional pre-IYC prayer service took on a new look with the IYC student band, NIYC musicians, and representation from the Hispanic Council each taking the stage to lead worship. Top-notch speakers, artists, and special guests led us by communicating the truth of the gospel and creating an atmosphere for worship in the main sessions.

Attendees gave back to the Indianapolis community and beyond by participating in Impact Indy events. Groups packed 140,000 meals and donated many hours of service at multiple locations around the city. In addition to this, over $40,000 was raised through Spread the Word offerings and from IYC’s first-ever 5K to benefit CHOG Trafficklight.iyc

Stories continue to flood in about the life change that people experienced at IYC. Not only is IYC’s focus to create a moment for life change, but it is also designed to be a launching pad for students to go back and impact their churches, schools, and communities while making Jesus the subject. We could not be more excited to watch the Spirit of God reclaim what hell has stolen.

Those who attended IYC2018 are encouraged to continue sharing their IYC stories on social media using #IYCIndy and #IYC2018. The post-IYC devotional is available to download for free at www.iyc2018.org and on the IYC2018 app.

The next International Youth Convention will be held July 3–6, 2020, in Orlando, Florida. The website, www.iyc2020.org, will be launched in the spring of 2019.

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