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IYC = Life Change!

  • Thousands of students and their leaders from the United States, Canada, and seven other countries gathered in Indianapolis, Indiana, for IYC2018, the 51st International Youth Convention of the Church of God.
  • It is estimated that over 600 students attended the Emerging Leaders gathering, having indicated a call to be Christ-centered leaders in their communities.
  • IYC2018 students generously gave over $40,000 to help save a village in Bangladesh through a partnership between Trafficklight and Spread the Word. This included registration fees raised by IYC’s first-ever 5K4Freedom run, which sold out and was a huge success. Since Spread the Word began at IYC2002, over $900,000 has been given and sent to 6 continents and 37 different countries.
  • On Impact Day, numerous community service projects across the city were met with determined hands and feet of Christ. Over the last seven conventions, it is estimated that IYC students and leaders have provided over $500,000 worth of volunteer service hours. A total of 140,000 meals were packed by students to be distributed to the hungry in the Indianapolis area.
  • The IYC2018 theme of ON TRACK with Faith, Purity, Joy, and Focus was powerfully taught by Samuel Rodriguez, Tim Ross, Nick Vujicic, Jim Lyon, and Danielle Strickland. Guest artists were John Michael Hinton, KB, Zealand, Iron Bell Music, and Crowder. Conferences on a wide variety of topics helped students dive deeper into these themes.
  • Thousands of students proved they can be silent—all at once—for the Silent Walk on the final night of IYC. The powerful experience set the stage for even more life change and commitments to Christ.
  • Numerous reports indicate hundreds of changed lives—from first-time commitments to Christ, to rededications, to accepting calls to ministry, to spiritual and emotional healing, and decisions for holistic purity



IYC Report Testimonials

As a pastor, my life-changing experience was in the hearts of the youth and their response in both the worship and speaking. I overheard so much excitement about things happening and having hope for the future. I fell more in love with being a pastor and investing intentionally with all youth.”


“My life changed at IYC2018. I was broken, hurt, angry, upset, and lost before IYC. At IYC, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and my life changed! I no longer felt broken, hurt, angry, upset, or lost. I felt loved, happy, cared for, accepted, and found! I’ll never forget IYC2018!”


“The Holy Spirit moved in my life and I plan to see others as Jesus sees them, as Danielle Strickland encouraged us to do. Everything we heard and saw impacted my soul. The devotional is incredible—I love how it directly relates to all we heard and learned. We are in transition with our leadership in youth group and I am feeling led to consider youth group leadership.”

—Adult Leader

“One of our females described the event as ‘the most eye- and heart-opening trip.” She felt as though each of the speakers were talking directly to her. Despite often feeling overwhelmed, she also felt known and accepted. She, along with another individual in our group, stepped out in faith and accepted Jesus Christ. Life change!”

—International Group Leader


We believe prayer is essential to unleashing God’s power. IYC is based on a foundation of prayer. Hundreds of people began praying for IYC in the spring of 2017. The names of the preregistered individuals were sent to prayer partners to be prayed for before IYC. There were staff members on site whose main responsibility was to intercede and cover IYC2018 in prayer. God moved in great ways and many visited the prayer room.


IYC is a just one part of the overall vision of North American Youth Ministries to be a catalyst to raise up a new generation of Christ-centered disciples fulfilled through our strategy of reach, disciple, and empower. IYC’s overriding purpose is to create a moment for life change. Everything that happens at IYC is put through this grid: Will this help create a moment for life change? We see this as a launching pad, not just as a four-day event, to send students out to be Christ-centered disciples in their communities. Check out more helpful tools for youth leaders at www.chogyouth.org.


Resources available:

See how God changes lives. Watch the Life Change videos from IYC2018, now available on our home page at iyc2018.org!

There is still time to go through the 31-day free IYC devotional. It is available on the IYC app and here: http://bit.ly/iycdevo.

Do you want a five-week free downloadable series to help your students share Jesus’ with others? Download the updated 360 Remix curriculum here: http://bit.ly/360Remix.

Get ready for life change at IYC2020 in Florida: July 3–6, 2020

The World Marriott in Orlando will be our host location with the hotel and convention center all under one roof. Start making plans now!

A short promo video for 2020 can be found here: https://vimeo.com/279058193.


Let your stories be a blessing and encouragement to others. Tell us your stories of life change that happened at IYC. E-mail us at iyc@chog.org or post on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/iyc2018. Unless you notify us otherwise, you are giving us permission to share your story with others.

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