Welcome to the IYC Registration Page!


Group leaders, this year we are using a new platform called Red Podium. It is a team-based platform that we believe will be very user-friendly. Here are some quick instructions on how to register:

  1. Click on the link and select “I am registering for the first time.”
  2. Fill in all group leader and church information.
  3. Click on “Create a Team” and enter a name for your team that is unique to your group. Enter your name as group leader and your email address. Congratulations! You’ve just become the team captain!
  4. Add any meals you wish to purchase and click on “Save Registrant.”
  5. Enter your code, if you have been given one, and click “apply” (international guests, staff, speakers, sponsors).
  6. Next, choose the option to “Add Registrant” and continue to add individuals to your group.
  7. When you are done, click on “Continue to Billing” and enter your payment info.
  8. Your confirmation email will contain the housing packet, tax exempt and waiver info, and a link to create an account if you wish to do so. Creating an account will allow you to go back into your group and make substitutions and corrections.
  9. Later, when returning to the registration site, you may add people to your group by clicking on “I am returning to add a person to my team.” Then, pick “Join a Team” and select your team from the list. Add your extra people quickly and easily!
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