At this time IYC is still proceeding as planned.


In light of the recent COVID-19 crisis, Church of God Ministries has received numerous calls and e-mails asking about the future of IYC. We are closely monitoring the situation and having crucial conversations internally. At this point, with travel and gathering restrictions ending prior to the event, we are proceeding with IYC as planned. Should any change be necessary in the future, we will communicate directly via e-mail and social media to get the word out.

We recognize that there is a registration price increase scheduled for March 23, and some are wondering if it would be prudent to wait to register later rather than registering now at a lower price. We encourage you to do whatever you feel is best for your group, but we want to assure you that, if we are forced to cancel IYC (for example, if there are still bans on large group gatherings or travel restrictions), we would issue refunds accordingly. In this time of uncertainty and change happening faster than we can process it, we look forward to the turning of the tide and the ability to gather together in Jesus’ name.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at iyc@chog.org.


iyc_2012_denver_worshipThe International Youth Convention of the Church of God, better known as IYC, was launched in 1924 as a youth day. In 1930, the first three-day, biennial youth convention was held. Over the years that have followed, International Youth Conventions have been held in all regions of the United States—as well as in three Canadian provinces. In the late 1990s, the Youth Ministry Team developed an overall purpose statement for IYC: to create a moment for life change. This purpose drives everything that happens at the convention. Because of IYC, thousands of young men and women have made life-changing decisions. Hundreds have decided to go into full-time vocational ministry or missions, and hundreds more have indicated they are serious about living as Christ-centered leaders. Since 1992, participants have given back to each host city with an estimated $850,000 worth of total volunteer service hours. Still, the giving goes beyond the IYC host cities. Since 1998, nearly 4,200 attendees have participated in IYC-related mission experiences in eleven countries. Over 40,000 students and leaders have attended IYC since 2002. IYC wants to make a lasting difference. Since 2006, IYC has partnered with churches in communities where the event has been held to help plant churches and serve in various ways with existing churches. IYC also helps to nurture a giving heart and a lifetime focus on others. Collectively, students have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Spread the Word, allowing young people to purchase practical tools and resources for evangelism worldwide.

IYC welcomes all churches and leaders from any Bible-believing church group or denomination.

Have you ever wondered how IYC comes together?

Planning begins four to five years in advance. The IYC leaders visit the convention city to contract with the convention center and the hotels.

Several years ago, the Youth Ministry Team (YMT) and the Youth Network Team (YNT) decided on a sequence of four rotating cities (San Antonio, Texas; Orlando, Florida; Denver, Colorado; and Nashville, Tennessee) with the option of a fifth wildcard city. These cities provide different types of experiences for students from all areas of the country.

Once the city is confirmed, the Student Leadership Team (SLT) meets with the YMT in the convention city around eighteen months before the upcoming convention. Together, through much prayer and discussion, they set the theme, schedule, and decide on artists and speakers. They come back together around one year prior to the convention to complete the student conference schedule and select the leaders of those conferences.

The IYC key staff members make numerous trips during the two-year period between conventions to make sure that things are in order for you to have a great experience. Everything we do is driven by one question: “Does this create a moment for life change?” We never seek to do anything at IYC that doesn’t set attendees up for that powerful connection to God and his Holy Spirit.

Additionally, we believe that prayer unleashes God’s power; therefore, hundreds of prayer partners start to pray for the convention months before it starts; a prayer guide goes out to all churches in the early months of the convention year; the name of every preregistered attendee is sent to a prayer counselor to pray over before the convention; the day before the event our on-site staff and team of prayer intercessors are praying for IYC participants.

As IYC2020 approaches, begin to pray with us for that moment of life change for all who attend.

  • 00 days
  • 00 hours
  • 00 minutes
  • 00 seconds

Seventh-grade graduates to seniors in high school and adult leaders.

Can I bring my child to the convention?

All individuals attending IYC2020 must be registered in order to participate. This is a junior and senior high school event; therefore, we discourage you from bringing younger children.  If it is absolutely necessary to bring a younger child to the convention, the child must be registered, regardless of age.  Anyone five years old or older must pay the full registration fee.

Do I bring the kids in my group who are not very committed to the Lord?

Absolutely!  Bring the whole group, regardless of spiritual commitment. You will find that this experience is all about life change, whether it is a memory made, a small change to become more like Christ, a major decision to accept Jesus as Savior or pursue ministry, or something you haven’t even yet dreamed of!  God works in mighty ways and in small ways through IYC.

I am a student, but don’t have a youth leader or my group isn’t coming. Can I still come? 

For your safety, we do not allow unchaperoned students and insist that you must be a part of a youth group to come to IYC. You might want to check with other Churches of God in your area to see if you can connect with one of their youth groups.  We have found that groups are usually very willing to accept others as long as you follow their guidelines, meet their deadlines for payments, and attend meetings as part of their group in preparation for IYC.

I am an adult who is not bringing students, but I just want to experience the convention. Can I still come? 

For the safety of our students and the intent of the convention, our policy is that adults must be coming as a leader of students in order to come to IYC.  (Exceptions would be special invited guests, speakers, exhibitors, etc.)  The Church of God offers adult conferences that you can be a part of in the future. We encourage you to check them out at jesusisthesubject.org.


The 52nd International Youth Convention of the Church of God to be held in Orlando, Florida.

World Center Marriott
8701 World Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32831

IYC is a four-day biennial gathering of junior and senior high school students and their adult leaders.

The convention will be held July 3-6, 2020.

How are the dates for IYC decided?

Rates of hotels and city availability play into what dates we choose.  Often, we find the week of July 4 offers some of the best hotel rates, which is why we have had IYC over the holiday in recent years. In addition to this, the holiday allows some adult leaders to participate in IYC while using fewer vacation days to cover their time away from work.  Also, many school systems declare a “moratorium” during this week of July, which means student athletes are more likely to be able to participate in IYC without missing events or practices.


IYC is an opportunity for life change.

You will find that this experience is unique for each participant.  God does some amazing things at IYC and brings about life change in both great and small ways.  It may be a challenge to change, growth in relationships in a youth group, a first step toward salvation, or a calling to vocational ministry.  How will God work in your life and in the lives of your students?  Here are some stories from people who experienced life change at a previous IYC.


The theme for IYC2020 is 20/20.

Playing off the idea of 20/20 vision and the year 2020, we will focus our theme scripture of I Corinthians 13:12-13.  Our four sub-themes are as follows:

  • Clarity in LOVE
  • Clarity in LIFE
  • Clarity in FAITH
  • Clarity in HOPE

“Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity.  All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely.  Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.”  I Corinthians 13:12-13 (NLT)


All attendees are responsible for arranging their own transportation to IYC. For those flying into Orlando, we recommend the Orlando International Airport (MCO), 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd., Orlando, FL.  The airport is about 20-25 minutes from the World Center Marriott.  The hotel does offer airport shuttle service at a cost of $36 round-trip, but going back to the airport you must be prepared to go 4 hours before your flight.  Other shuttles typically cost around $20+ per person, one-way.  Taxis cost $40+ one-way.  You might want to consider thinking outside the box – looking at a limo service or private van service, for example.

For groups without transportation wishing to spend a day at a Disney park or Disney Springs, consider the World Center Marriott’s shuttle service.  The cost is $20 per person round-trip and may be booked directly with the concierge at 407-239-4200.  Taxi and Uber are other options for those wanting to get around the Orlando area.



Give this link to students/parents.  There is a place at the bottom of the waiver where parents may enter an email address to receive a copy of the signed waiver. Group leaders may want to consider giving parents their own email address to use, so that leaders can receive and track waivers as they are submitted.  We recommend texting this to parents during an IYC informational meeting, so they can sign and submit on the spot, using their smart phones.  Laptops, iPads, tablets, etc. may also be used. At least one parent must sign for each minor child attending IYC2020.   Click here for Form


Is there a dress code for IYC?

Yes, we have modesty suggestions for IYC.  We ask all students to avoid displaying gang signs, drug symbols, profanity, or alcohol-related images or slogans on clothing. In addition, we ask females and males to avoid the following:

  • Females are asked to avoid:
    • Shorts that are shorter than your fingertips when holding your arms at your side
    • Shirts that show back, belly, or cleavage
    • Spaghetti-strap tank tops – Straps should be at least two-fingers wide and cover bra straps
    • Two-piece swimsuits – Bring only modest one-piece swimsuits, or wear a t-shirt over a two-piece suit
  • Males are asked to avoid:
    • Sagging pants that show your underwear
    • Speedos

While there are several restaurants and a pantry at the World Center Marriott, prices are quite high and there are no restaurants in walking distance. Here are some tips for you and also info about some special offers during IYC:

    • Breakfast—Consider bringing easy breakfast items with you, such as granola bars, dry cereal, instant oatmeal, etc. and/or plan a trip to a local grocery store to buy these items and keep them in your room during the convention. There is a mini-fridge in every hotel room for cold items. Don’t have transportation? Consider doing an online order for your group with a grocery store, schedule a designated pick-up time, then take a taxi or Uber to pick up all your food at once. We’re sure your students would be happy to meet you in the lobby to unload all the goodies!
    • Lunch—We have contracted with local Chick-fil-A and Jimmy John’s locations to offer $10 boxed lunches on the two busiest days of IYC. THESE MEALS MUST BE PRE-ORDERED ONLINE THROUGH IYC REGISTRATION. On Saturday, July 4 we will have Chick-fil-A on site, and a boxed lunch includes a chicken sandwich, cookie, chips, and bottled water (sorry, no gluten-free or vegetarian options available). On Sunday, July 5, we are offering a choice of a turkey, ham, or veggie sandwich, cookie, chips, and bottled water (no gluten-free options available). Deadline to order lunches is May 11 and must be done through the IYC registration site.
    • Other meals—We’re working with the restaurants on site for special discounts for IYC attendees. We hope to have more information about that in the spring of 2020. FYI, there is a “pantry” on site where you can buy basic food items and some hot and cold meals to go, but prices are most likely higher than what most groups are accustomed to paying.

Outside the hotel—There are a lot of options outside the hotel for those with transportation.  Those who do not have transportation are welcome to have food delivered as long as you meet the delivery worker in the lobby at the concierge desk.  Outside vendors may not deliver food to your hotel room per the hotel policy.


Is there a mission experience before or after IYC that I can be involved with?

We are not offering a group missions experience in conjunction with IYC2020, but we strongly encourage you to partner with Lead222 to find great opportunities for your students.  Go to lead222.com for more information.


What is Impact Orlando?

Impact Orlando is an opportunity for groups to serve the IYC host city.  The afternoon of Sunday, July 5 has been designated as our time to make an impact.

What are some off-site project options?

Click here to see a list of off-site projects. Please contact an organization directly to inquire about volunteering. Once these projects are full, they will be removed from the site. New projects will be added as they are confirmed.

Will there be onsite projects for Impact Orlando?

Yes! We have these two on-site options for IYC2020:

  • We are partnering with Feeding Children Everywhere to do food packing at IYC2020. Our goal is to pack 100,000 meals to be given to the hungry in the Orlando area and beyond.  Click here to register your group for one of our food-packing time slots:  http://bit.ly/ImpactOrlando
  • For attendees who are 18 or older, we are having our first-ever IYC Blood Drive! We are partnering with the organization One Blood to give you the opportunity to give the gift of life.  You may do this in conjunction with on-site and off-site projects, if your schedule allows.  Individuals may click here to select a time to donate blood:  http://bit.ly/IMPACTBD

Is there a cost to be involved in the food packing?

Yes, there is a cost to Church of God Ministries, but we have not included it in the registration cost for the convention. We are currently raising funds to make this project possible. For more information or to contribute, click here:  http://bit.ly/skipandshare

Here is a video that may be used for promo: http://bit.ly/Skipvid 


The IYC Student Band members for IYC2020 have been selected! Thank you to all who applied. The band will be leading worship at the pre-convention prayer service on July 3 at IYC as well as for other venues during the convention. Congratulations to the following members of the IYC2020 Student Band: Emily Anderson, Josh Autry, Logan Chubb, Kylie Day, Luke Druffel, Halle Harrison, Zachary Key, Sam Rentas, and Nolan Youngstedt.  The band is under the direction of Jake Seaton.


How do I nominate a student for the Student Leadership Team?

We will be accepting nominations of top students until March 22, 2020.  Usually, 10 top leadership students are chosen.  Pastors and youth leaders may nominate students for the 2022 SLT by filling out this form:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SLT2022


Once again, we are having a 5K at IYC2020! Proceeds from our second 5K4Freedom will go to Pink Door, to raise funds to fight human trafficking.

The cost is $22. Register here: https://chogministries.regfox.com/5k4freedom-2020

This will be a fun run, so there will not be timing chips. However, feel free to challenge your friends to try to beat your time!

There will be a photo op at the end, and a medal for each registered participant who finishes the race.

Registration deadline is May 11, 2020, but the event will close sooner if we reach our maximum number of participants before then.


Churches may apply for tax exemption in Florida and, if eligible, save the 6.5% sales tax portion from your hotel rooms. Click here for more information:  https://floridarevenue.com/taxes/businesses/Pages/nonprofit_sales_tax.aspx

Churches will need to apply as religious institutions with established physical place for worship and provide the following documents, as listed on the required form:

  • A copy of the church’s Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation
  • Documentation that the church maintains a physical place for worship (for example, a utility bill, lease or mortgage agreement, insurance policy, etc.).
  • A copy of a schedule of services and activities regularly conducted at the church (for example, a church bulletin or newsletter).

Once you have received your tax exemption paperwork, make copies and bring it with you to Orlando. Turn in a copy at the hotel desk upon check-in to save the 6.5% sales tax off your rooms.  You might be able to use the additional copy at various restaurants and for activities, etc. – it never hurts to ask!  Remember that in order to use tax exemption, payment must be made with a church credit card or check.


What type of seating will there be for the main sessions at IYC2020? We will all be in one arena at IYC2020. There will be staggered admission by geographical region, based on the color of attendee wristband.

Will there be an offering time at IYC2020? Yes, we are asking everyone to set a goal to bring $20 or more for the Spread the Word offering.  STW funds are used for evangelism around the world!

What is the pre-convention prayer service? This is a focused time of prayer and worship that anyone may attend.  You do not have to be checked in or wear your wristband/lanyard to get in.

What do you recommend for tipping during IYC? As you plan your trip to IYC, include tip money in your budget.  A tip shows our appreciation, and we want to represent IYC by showing others the generosity that Christ has shown to us.  Let’s be a blessing to the people of Orlando!  Here are some general tipping guidelines:

    • Restaurant and coffee shop servers: 17% minimum, 20% recommended
    • Baggage handlers at airport, hotel: $1-$2 per bag
    • Airport limo, van, and shuttle drivers: $1-$2 per bag
    • Taxi drivers: 10%-15%, minimum of $1
    • Parking valets: $2 minimum
    • Room service: Check your bill to see if service fee is included.  If not, tip 17%-20%.
    • Tour guides: $1-$2 per person
    • Hotel housekeepers: $1-$2 per person, per day

IYC 2020 Special Guests

for King & Country

Soaring melodies, driving rhythms, theatrical instrumentation, and personal themes are the heartbeat of for King & Country. The Australian duo is comprised of brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone. They have won multiple Grammy awards and sold out arenas across the country on their concert tours. Joel and Luke were at IYC2014 in Nashville, Tennessee, and are excited to be coming back to IYC2020 in Orlando!


North Point Worship

Internationally known for worship anthems like “Death Was Arrested,” and “Love Come Down,” the worship band from North Point Ministries recently changed its name from North Point InsideOut to North Point Worship. Originally formed out of North Point Community Church’s high school ministry, the band now serves over 42,000 people that attend the multi-campus, metro Atlanta area church every week. The band’s desire is to “lead students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by inspiring them to Love God, Lead Different, and Lead the Way.”


Jared Hall

Jared Hall uses illusions and comedy to present the gospel of Jesus Christ in relevant, engaging ways. Traveling extensively across the nation, he performs his illusions for many conferences, festivals, outreach events, youth camps, and more. Jared’s heart and passion are to partner with churches and ministry organizations to share the message of hope and forgiveness that is found in Jesus Christ.


Zane Black

Zane Black is passionate about the new life and purpose that he has found with Jesus, and sharing it with teenagers across the nation. It wasn’t until after high school that Zane discovered following Jesus is the greatest adventure in life. Zane has a unique way of relating to students about the struggles they’re going through and shows them the freedom they can have in Christ.


Alanna Story

Born into a family with a deep faith and musical heritage, sisters Anna and Ally had a passion for music from a young age. Over the years, doors opened for Ally and Anna to share and lead together and in 2008 Alanna Story officially began. The band was divinely (and literally) formed into a family, comprised of Ally’s husband, Stephen (electric guitar/ mandolin), Anna’s husband, Ben (drums), and Joel Burkhead (bass), whom the girls consider a brother. Uniting incredible talent and more importantly sincere hearts for worship, the band creates a powerful, dynamic atmosphere for others to encounter the presence of God.


Megan Fate Marshman

Megan Fate Marshman loves God and his church. She travels and speaks to magnify him, writes books to glorify him, shepherds a few in their pursuit of him, and creates environments to partner with him. She loves sharing Jesus at churches, conferences, and chapels around the world. She currently lives in Long Beach, California, with her husband and two boys.


Andy Stephenson

Dr. Andy Stephenson serves as the Campus pastor of Northview Church in Carmel, Indiana. The former associate director for US & Canada Strategy at Church of God Ministries, Andy served as the IYC director for the last nine IYC conventions. Andy speaks to audiences in various settings around the world and is focused on helping to raise up a new generation of Christ-centered leaders. Andy’s book, Smooth Hand Offs, challenges and equips individuals and leaders to pass the baton of faith to the next generations. Andy has a Master’s degree from Oklahoma State University in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Arlington specializing in non-profit leadership. He married the love of his life Candace in 2005 and they have two little princesses. Andy and Candace partner together in ministry and often speak and lead together.


Sam Collier

Sam Collier is a communicator at North Point Ministries and the host of nationally syndicated podcasts “A Greater Story w/Sam Collier” and “The Countdown w/Sam Collier.” Through his nonprofit No Losing, Inc., he has empowered over 100,000 young people to have a winning mindset in life to achieve their goals by creatively making education relevant. Sam is from Atlanta, Georgia, and loves spending time with his beautiful wife and family.


Steve Carter

Steve Carter is a pastor, teacher, and writer. His heart’s desire is to bring Jesus into every conversation and every space he occupies. His book, This Invitational Life, calls people to risk themselves to align with God’s heartbeat for humanity. Steve is also the co-host of the Relevant Sports Podcast, a weekly show that talks about the intersection of sports, culture, and faith. Steve lives in Phoenix with his wife Sarah and their two kids.


Student Conference Breakout Leaders

Conference Title:
Expand Your Circle: Loving those outside your comfort zone

Daniel “Dan” Marsden
Redeem the Dream, Inc.,
New Albany, IN – President

Conference Title:
Treat Yo’ Self: Loving yourself unconditionally

Stephanie Collins
Madison Park Church of God, Anderson IN – NextGen Pastor

Conference Title:
Pure Love: Honoring God in your relationships

Mark & Vickie Shaner
National Network of Youth Ministries – Southeast Regional Coordinators

Conference Title:
Hello! My Name Is… Finding your identity through God’s eyes

Humberto “Hummer” Mena
Iglesia de la Comunidad, Santa Ana, CA – Associate Pastor

Conference Title:
Puzzling Prayer: Spirit-led prayer and the missing piece

Crystal Colp
First Church of God, St Joseph, MI – Pastor of Adult Discipleship

Conference Title:
Every Soul Matters: Finding God’s purpose for your life

Handel Smith
Church of God Ministries, Anderson, IN – Executive Director of US & Canada Strategy

Conference Title:
Own It!: How to make your faith your own

Austin Shaner
The Bridge Community Church, Decatur, IN – Young Adults & Sports Ministry

Conference Title:
That’s a Fact!: Unpacking the
logic of faith

David Hughes
Restoration Church, Springfield, MO – Youth Pastor

Conference Title:
Faith Beyond Borders: Living out your faith through missions

Josh Weiger
Church of God Ministries, Anderson, IN – Global Strategy Projects and Missions Experience Coordinator

Conference Title:
Hope for the Future: Preparing yourself for the next chapter of life (open to Juniors and Seniors)

Chip Taylor
McDowell Mountain Community Church, Scottsdale, AZ – Student Pastor

Conference Title:
Light at the End of the Tunnel: Finding hope in the midst of hurting

Scott Arnold
Journey Church of Jupiter, Florida – Senior Pastor

Conference Title:
Contagious Hope: Reflecting Christ in a hopeless world

Chris Leon
Community of Hope Church, Maricopa, AZ – Student Ministries Pastor


Room Type Cost Parking
King room $128 + tax* $12/day ** (Based on 50% off the current rate of $24/day.  Subject to change.)
2 Queen room $135 + tax* $12/day ** (Based on 50% off the current rate of $24/day.  Subject to change.)

We’ve secured some great rates at the World Center Marriott. In fact, the above rates are available to convention attendees up to 3 days before and 3 days after IYC (subject to room availability). These shoulder dates fill quickly, so reserve your rooms early if you plan to be in Orlando an extra night or two!

·     Most king rooms include a pull-out sofa bed
·     Queen rooms all have two-sink vanities
·     Rooms have oversized outdoor balconies
·     55” smart TV in every room
·     Each room includes a mini-refrigerator, coffee maker, iron, hair dryer, and safe
·     Check-in is 4PM; check-out is 11AM



8701 World Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32821
Website >>

*Current rate is 6.5% sales tax and 6% resort/tourist tax.  Your church can apply for tax exempt status in Florida.  If approved, this could remove the sales tax portion from your cost. Application info:  http://floridarevenue.com/taxes/businesses/Pages/nonprofit_sales_tax.aspx

Once your group has registered for IYC2020, a link to the housing packet will be sent to your main youth group leader in the confirmation e-mail.  This will include a code which will allow rooms to be booked at our reduced rates.  When you receive it, please read through your housing packet carefully and follow the provided instructions to make your reservations through the online system.

Remember, we have worked very hard to get low rates for you and your group.  To honor our contract with the World Center Marriott, we must meet our minimum guarantee.  If an IYC attendee chooses to stay offsite, an additional fee of $75 per person will be charged.  Thank you for your understanding.

**Please note that these parking rates are for those actually staying in the convention hotel. Parking for those not staying at the World Center Marriott is $24 every time a vehicle enters the parking garage. If a vehicle leaves for any reason, an additional $24 charge will be incurred upon re-entry.


Thursday, July 2
2:00–5:00 PM Pre-Registration and Check-In
Friday, July 3
10:00 AM–Noon Prayer Service (optional)
Noon–5:30 PM Registration and Check-In
2:00–4:00 PM Super Crazy Fun Game Time (come & go, optional)
4:30–5:00 PM Leaders’ Prayer Time (all leaders are welcome—optional)
5:00–5:30 PM Leaders’ Meeting (A representative from your group required)
5:45–6:15 PM Designated Prayer Counselors’ Meeting
7:00–9:00 PM Main Session 1 — North Point Worship and Sam Collier
9:30–10:15 PM Process/Debrief Time with Individual Groups
10:30 PM Late Night Venue — for KING & COUNTRY
Saturday, July 4
9:15-9:45 AM Main Leaders-only Session
10:00–10:55 AM Student Conference Session 1
10:05 AM–12:10 PM Youth Ministry Institute
11:20 AM–12:15 PM Student Conference Session 2
12:30–1:00 PM Chick-Fil-A Lunch Pick-Up (pre-order only)
1:30–2:30 PM Afternoon Venue — Jared Hall
2:45–3:10 PM Emerging Leader Coaches’ training
3:15–4:40 PM Emerging Leaders Gathering
7:00–8:45 PM Main Session 2 — North Point Worship and Zane Black
9:00 PM Hotel Fireworks Display
10:00 PM Process/Debrief Time with Individual Groups
Sunday, July 5
6:00 AM Sign-in for those registered for 5K
6:30 AM 5K4Freedom
10:30 AM–12:00 PM Main Session 3 — Alanna Story and Megan Marshman
12:05–12:35 PM Jimmy John’s Lunch Pick-Up (pre-order only)
1:00–5:00 PM IMPACT Orlando
7:45-8:45 PM Main Session 4 — Worship and Andy Stephenson
8:45 PM Silent Walk
Monday, July 6
10:00 AM–Noon Main Session 5 — Alanna Story and Steve Carter

IYC2020 Registration Rates

Rate Description Cost per registration Start date End date
Early Bird $140.00 September 9, 2019 January 25, 2020
Life Change $155.00 January 26, 2020 March 22, 2020
Regular $170.00 March 23, 2020 May 11, 2020
Late/At-the-door $185.00 May 12, 2020 July 3, 2020

Substitutions: Substitutions of one registrant for another may be done at no cost. Cancellation policy:  A $50 non-refundable cancellation fee will apply for each registration canceled.  Balance of amount paid (after $50 fee) will be refunded if canceled by May 11, 2020. NO REFUNDS AFTER MAY 11.

Can I send in registration money to hold spots until I am ready to register my group?  No, a registration is not considered complete until the registration is entered online and payment is received.  The amount due is determined by the date BOTH of these items are submitted.  In other words, if you register online in time for the early bird rate, but your payment is posted after that date, you will owe the amount for the next higher registration rate.  Or, if you send in a check but don’t register students, that payment will be held and applied once your group is registered, at the current rate when BOTH payment and registration are completed.

Do I need to register separately for student conference or YMI?  No, the cost is included in your registration, and you just have to show up.  Keep in mind that some student conferences fill up quickly, so be there early to make sure you get a seat in the conference of your choice.

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