It Takes a Team: An Interview with CHOG Ministries’ Charity Harvey

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Photo: Charity Harvey

By Carl Stagner

How much do you know about what goes on inside the office at Church of God Ministries? Who conducts necessary office work so others may travel the world with the hope of Christ? It’s the behind-the-scenes work that enables Church of God Ministries to carry out the work of Christ. When you support the unrestricted portion of the World Ministries Budget, you support our missionaries, our projects at home and abroad, and so much more. In the following interview, get to know one of the faces behind the scenes. Her name is Charity Harvey, and if you’ve not yet met her, you’ve probably spoken with her.

So you’re the voice that people hear when they call in to Church of God Ministries! What else does your role entail?

I just celebrated one year with Church of God Ministries as front desk coordinator. I have had the pleasure of not only greeting guests who come through our doors and assisting callers on the line, but as silly as it sounds, I have been able to love on people. I pray with people, hug people who are hurting, celebrate with others, make people feel welcome, and build relationships with those that are frequently dropping in to do business. I desire to serve our Lord by making each and every person feel valued no matter what or where they came from. I have the best seat in the house, and I love it!

How were you introduced to the Church of God? What are some of your best memories of church?

I was born and raised in the Church of God—in fact, my home church was South Meridian Church of God in Anderson, Indiana. I can still vividly remember one sermon coming to a close, and the pastor was asking people to come forward and hand their life over to Jesus. Without hesitation, I stood up and walked down the center aisle at the age of eight or nine, and was joined by my favorite Sunday school teacher who prayed with me. Though at such a young age, I knew and understood the basis of that one decision to change my life forever.

Many can relate to your testimony of growing up in church, straying away for a season, and then coming back to the Lord. How has your life’s journey shaped your relationship with the Lord today?

Charity_Harvey_husband_and_children_FORWEBToday, I find myself more grateful than ever to be the daughter of our heavenly father. Even though various trials still come my way, my foundation is much firmer and my roots are much deeper. Becoming a wife and then a mother has me so thirsty for knowledge to do it right and be an example that I reach for the Bible to study and pray. Nothing ever stays the same for long, but only his love! If anyone would like to hear my amazing story of life transformation, I would love to share my story one-on-one while enjoying freshly squeezed lemonade.

What kind of impact did your time at Warner Press make on your life?

I just closed a bridal shop I had owned and operated for eight years, and was changing career directions. I was told about the open position with Warner Press by a dear friend. I learned so much during my twelve years with Warner Press, working in the customer service and sales department. I am grateful for all those opportunities that honed my skills of learning how to engage and serve others, anticipating the needs of others, knowing how to apologize, giving customers more than they ask for, and always welcoming feedback with all those clients I partnered with in ministry.

What do you appreciate most about the Church of God today?

We have always been about unity. Focusing on “Jesus is the Subject” is making a big impact on our movement in bringing us all together! I can see it, I feel the energy, and am excited about what will be coming around the corner as we take our next steps together.

When you’re not at Church of God Ministries, what do you like to do?

My time after work is spent being with my husband and two little girls. After feeding, homework, playing, bathing, reading a night-time story, and tucking everyone in bed (except for my husband!), I then begin on daily chores. My husband and I serve in our church, and we enjoy mini weekend trips while staying at a bed and breakfast. I am also learning to embrace a new-and-improved healthier me. This includes exercising and eating healthy food (lots of green vegetables!). For fun, I enjoy doing all kinds of creative crafts, decorating, card-making, gardening with flowers, and watching good old movie classics. Some say I have an “old soul” because I love history, enjoy antiquing, and listen to music of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. However, I love all different kinds of music, past and present, and from time to time will play the piano and sing. Last, but not least, I love my time with my girlfriends, just laughing and being silly.

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