Is God Calling You to do More?

 In All Church of God, Youth Ministries

Over 750 students answered yes to that question this past summer in Denver and responded by attending the Emerging Leaders Gathering at IYC. Think about that for a moment: 750 students who realize that God is calling them to do more, 750 students who feel a clear call on their lives to be in ministry.

How about you? Is God calling your students to do more? Is God calling you to do more? While we are eagerly anticipating another amazing Emerging Leaders Gathering at IYC2014 in Nashville, please don’t wait until then to help your students discover and answer the call to ministry. If God is calling your students to do more now, there is no need to wait until July 2014 to help them answer that call.

We have put together the Emerging Leaders Package (ELP) and made it available as a FREE download. In the ELP, you will find everything you need to hold your own Emerging Leaders Gathering-be it with your local church, at your state youth convention, or within your student leadership team. Whatever the venue, the ELP is a great resource to help your students take the next steps in answering God’s call on their lives.

The Emerging Leaders Package (ELP) can be downloaded by visiting www.emergingLeaders101.comand clicking the “LEADERS+” tab or by clicking the link at

Written by Adam Rentas who is a Youth Ministry Team member and the youth pastor at First Church of God in Vero Beach, Florida. He can be reached at

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