Invitation to Prayer, Fasting for CHOG Convention 2015

 In All Church of God


By Leroy Quashie

These are extraordinary times in our country and worldwide, as well as in the life of many of our congregations. We face many challenges, and are presented with unprecedented opportunities for kingdom work and growth as a community of faith. But as we prepare for Church of God Convention 2015 in Oklahoma City, we extend an invitation to each of our congregations to imagine with us a Pentecost-like invasion and impact of the Holy Spirit upon the gathered body of believers and upon the entire Church of God family.

Like the disciples who were gathered in the Upper Room, awaiting the promised infilling of the Holy Spirit to empower them for Jesus’ global mission (Matthew 28:19–20), we invite you as a church family to join us in a season of prayer and fasting for an extraordinary anointing of God’s power upon his people at the convention. Our prayer is that this will result in a church family renewed, empowered, and united to greatly impact cities, neighborhoods, and communities, and around the world.

As such, we invite each congregation to select one day each week, beginning the week of May 10, through the week of June 14, to fast and pray for your own congregation’s needs, the global church family, and for the convention. A weekly prayer guide is provided to facilitate this united effort. Click here to download the PDF.

Regarding the fast, we recommend the following levels of participation:

Partial fast—abstaining from certain foods, liquids, or activities such as television viewing, some favorite activity, or pastime for the duration of ten days.
Normal fast—limiting oneself to only water, only bread and water, or only fruit juices for ten days.
Normal fast on a select day—limiting oneself to only water or fruit juices on a chosen day from 12:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
Skip a meal—choosing to omit one meal a day, either breakfast or dinner, for one day or for each day of the ten-day fast (Daniel 6:18, Nehemiah 9:1).
Vegetable diet—eat only fresh vegetables for the ten-day duration of the fast.

We believe this year’s convention will awaken and inspire our passion for doing amazing things in Jesus’ name. Be Bold. Reclaim.

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