Introducing Water4 at the Global Gathering

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By Hayley Stewart

Water4 is a faith-based public charity headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that is bringing access to life by putting a sustainable solution at the village level. Water4’s mission is to eradicate the water crisis community by community while acting as a tool for sharing the love of Jesus with our neighbors across the globe.

The number of people who lack access to clean water is more than double the population of the entire United States. In fact, nearly every twenty seconds a child dies from a water-related disease. Having access to water truly changes everything. Since 2008, Water4 has brought life-changing water to over a quarter of a million people.

Water4 has developed a highly effective manual drilling technique coupled with an affordable and durable hand pump that utilizes innovative design, low-cost materials, and easily transferrable technology in order to train, equip, and support the local people to be the solution to their own water needs. Using a business-based approach, Water4 is able to provide a sustainable solution at the village level. This approach empowers the local people rather than perpetuating a cycle of dependence on outside aid.

It is the desire of Water4 that trained teams of nationals will adopt the system as their own and will use this new opportunity to continue drilling multiple wells in one community for the eventual eradication of water problems region by region. Where there are multiple wells in a community, there are fewer people using each individual well, which results in less wear and tear on the pumps, less time spent waiting for water, and if one pump breaks down, no one has to return to a contaminated water source.

As the Water4 method is implemented, the economic impact is felt almost immediately as well-drilling jobs are created, clean water sources are established, and the health, productivity, and education of the local people are greatly improved.

Water4 partners with churches and organizations that use the Water4 method as a tool for gaining access into communities and sharing the love of Jesus with the local people. With the help of these partners, Water4 is able to remain in a region until the water problem is resolved.

Be sure to join us Monday, at 3:15 PM, in the Kardatzke Wellness Center for a plenary session detailing how we can eradicate the need for clean water together!

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