International Youth Convention

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Four consecutive days at the beginning of July 2016 proved to be transformational for untold numbers of students and youth leaders gathered in San Antonio, Texas, for the fiftieth International Youth Convention. Reports have already surfaced of first-time commitments to Christ, rededications, renewed hope, and calls to ministry. Though the previous forty-nine conventions were powerful and life-changing, even veteran leaders are citing something uniquely incredible about the move of the Holy Spirit at IYC2016. From the high-intensity worship, to the no-holds-barred messages of truth and grace, to the citywide service projects and the Silent Walk, IYC2016 offered the perfect conditions for life-changing encounters with the living God.

Events like the Silent Walk, the Emerging Leaders gathering, and dozens of conferences played important roles in adding to the life-change atmosphere. Students also gave generously to support missions around the globe through Spread the Word. They were encouraged and challenged by the lineup of dynamic speakers. Here’s just a taste of what they said:

“What hinders a relationship with God is knowing the facts, but not really knowing Jesus. Go west, go back to Eden! Back to where God created you, back to where God calls you to deeper intimacy with him.”

—Jefferson Bethke

“If you seek truth with all of your heart and mind, you’ll find Jesus, because Jesus is the truth.”

—Sean McDowell

“God cannot change who you pretend to be. He can only change the real you.”

—Robert Madu

“Come together, Church of God! Jesus is our subject, so be a verb! Move! Get out of your holy huddles! I’m not just singing, ‘Kumbuya.’ I’m saying, ‘Not on my watch!’”

— Brenda Salter McNeil

Most students only get the chance to attend IYC twice in their life. Almost without exception, there’s a feeling of disappointment after their second IYC. It’s a feeling that connecting with brothers and sisters in the Church of God to worship under leaders like Alanna Story, and to hear challenging messages from dynamic speakers like Francis Chan, is now a thing of the past. Don’t believe it! IYC isn’t the only convention Church of God Ministries hosts. Learn more about the Church of God Convention and Regional Conventions at

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