International Lineup to Take World Stage at Global Gathering

 In All Church of God, Global Gathering

By Bob Edwards

One of the really neat events that will happen at the Global Gathering, June 22–25, is what is being called the World Stage. Many of the international guests who are coming have been gifted by God with various talents. Global Missions wants you to experience music from different parts of the world and give the artists an opportunity to share their gifts with a wider audience.

The world stage will be located in the center of the O. C. Lewis Gym, where the Global Expo is going to take place. Global Missions will place an announcement board near the stage that will give visitors the times of the performances. You will want to listen to all of these artists.

Artists will provide twenty to thirty minutes of praise through song from their part of the world on the World Stage! Please join us for these guest artists as they minister to us:

•    Saturday, June 22, at 1:00 PM—Alson Ebanks, from Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
•    Sunday, June 23, at 1:00 PM—Sharon and Paul Roberts, from Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
•    Monday, June 24, at 1:00 PM—Jay Moussa, from Turkey
•    Monday, June 24, at 6:00 PM—Obed Okech, from KIST, Kima, Kenya
•    Tuesday, June 25, at 1:00 PM—Luciana Schulle, from Brazil (now living in Indianapolis)
•    Tuesday, June 25, at 6:00 PM—The Preacher and the Redhead, from the United States

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