In the Midst of Revival: Crosspointe Kilgore-Longview, Texas

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Baptism at Crosspointe Church is a common occurence.

By Carl Stagner

When you’re baptizing someone nearly every week and the walls must come down to make more room in your sanctuary, you’ve got to wonder if revival is breaking out. At the two campuses of Crosspointe Fellowship Church of God in the Texas communities of Kilgore and Longview, God has clearly been on the move in many mighty ways. Led by Pastor Efrain Cirilo, Crosspointe has seen their worship center and children’s classrooms run out of space. In the past couple of years, total attendance has more than doubled to an average of 400 on Sundays. And, it was just last year that they added the second campus at Longview. While no magic formula exists for revival, the church did enact a handful of specific strategies to become a growing, healthy church.

The foundational value at Crosspointe is prayer. Pastor Efrain says it should be the “driving force behind every ministry.” But too often pastors and church leaders get so busy doing the work of ministry that prayer gets placed on the back burner. “We have a prayer team that prays throughout the week for God to move in powerful ways for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven,” Efrain explains.

One way the mission is articulated and carried out is through service.

Crosspointe Church doesn’t go about anything in a haphazard, unfocused way. Efrain emphasizes the vitality of a clear mission. “Crosspointe has a strong leadership base that is willing to change for the sake of the gospel,” Efrain explains. “We have a heart to reach people who are far from God. Our leadership decided to simplify things to narrow our focus on disciple-making. We believe God has given the church a mandate to go and make disciples. So, we looked at our ministries and programs and realized that we were, at one point, busy doing everything. We made a decision then to be simple about our mission. Everything we decided to do moving forward was going to flow through that mission. We asked the question, Is this ministry helping us accomplish the mission? If not, we would have to do without it for now. We soon realized that, as we focused on the mission of making disciples, God would take care of the rest.”

Efrain Cirilo

Their mission: to worship God, reach others for Christ, and equip God’s people to love, serve, and transform the world.” It boils down to three words: worship, reach, equip. But without a simple structure to facilitate a simple mission, the church would still find itself stumbling over organizational hurdles and inefficiencies. “We moved to a one-board elder system,” Efrain explains. “This helped us streamline ministry and helped our leadership focus on things at a 30,000-foot level, where we can ask the big questions. What is God leading us to do? Are we accomplishing the mission? This group of elders spend seasons of prayer and fasting throughout the year.”

Leadership development is also key to their success. The most important work the Spirit is doing isn’t on the platform Sunday after Sunday. It’s in the seats. It’s in the classrooms. It’s in a prayer huddle in the hallway. People are being saved, baptized, transformed, and many are being called to lead. Without a growing investment in leaders, growth can’t be sustained. “We have an amazing staff and volunteer teem that have a contagious, upbeat attitude,” Efrain reflects. “They truly believe that anything can happen. We have a developed a pipeline where our goal is to equip our people and multiply our leaders.”

It’s hard to miss the mission at Crosspointe.

Pastor Efrain, who has served at Kilgore for almost seven years, encourages the pastor who desires revival, but hasn’t seen it yet, to stick with it. “Don’t be discouraged,” he says. “Pray and ask God for revival in your city. God is able. Get connected with your regional pastor and develop a strategic plan to reach people who are far from God. Also, if you don’t already have a coach to help you and pray for you, get one! As we focus on making disciples, God will do amazing things.”

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