In Jesus’ Footsteps: Archaeological Guide to Address Movement in Anderson

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By Kevin Spear

For pastor, speaker, author, and archaeological guide Bob Rognlien, there’s one thing that drives all endeavors. “My life is primarily defined by learning to live as a follower of Jesus. This starts in my relationship with God, extends to my relationships with my biological family, and then to an extended spiritual family of brothers and sisters who are on the same journey.” Bob will be one of the speakers at the 2022 Regional Conference of the Church of God in Anderson, Indiana, June 21–23.

Bob is the founder and director of the Footsteps Experience movement. He is also the director of 3DM West and an author of six books. His newest book coming this year is titled The Most Extraordinary Life: Discovering the Real Jesus.

He comments that it is written for everyday people. “[It] tells the story of Jesus’ life from birth to resurrection, with tons of new insights drawn from history, archaeology, and culture. Each chapter begins with a dramatized account of a gospel story, fleshed out with details from the culture of that time. It is written for [those] who want to get to know Jesus better and/or follow him more closely.”

Over the last thirty years, Bob and his wife Pam have led numerous trips to the Holy Land. He remarks, “[We] spend about half our time training church leaders in North America and the Middle East in these Jesus-shaped principles and strategies, and the other half of our time is spent helping people relearn the Way of Jesus by taking them on trips in the Footsteps of Jesus and the Footsteps of Paul, and producing resources that illuminate the Way of Jesus by unpacking insights from history, archaeology, and culture.”

Pastor Rognlien believes trips to the Holy Land provide insights nothing else can. He says, “The most memorable moments are when we see the light bulb come on for so many people when they start to see more clearly who Jesus is and what it means to follow him today. My two favorite locations are the house of Simon and Andrew in Capernaum where Jesus centered his Galilean mission and showed his disciples how to live as a family on mission.”

Bob continues, “Another favorite spot is the rock of Golgotha and the tomb of Joseph inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. It is incredible that we can actually touch the stone where Jesus gave his life for ours and visit the tomb where he conquered death!”

When Bob isn’t conducting trips to the Holy Land, he splits his time between writing, family time, and directing 3DM West. He says, “3DM is a global movement of Jesus-shaped missional discipleship. It is based on the idea that, in addition to Jesus’ teaching (the Truth), he also set an intentional example for us to follow in the patterns, rhythms, and relationships of his life (the Way). We believe discipleship is a relationship in which we help each other practice the Way of Jesus while we learn and trust the Truth of Jesus, and so are empowered to live more of the Life of Jesus.”

Bob loves his grandchildren!

Bob is excited to speak at this year’s Regional Conference in Anderson. “We have worked with Church of God leaders in North America for many years now, training them in more Jesus-shaped approaches to discipleship and mission. I am close friends with regional ministers, such as George Lutzer, Michael Guzman, and Lloyd Moritz, and many other Church of God pastors. I have become friends with Jim Lyon over these past few years, and we have really hit it off! I love the people of Church of God and want to see it thrive as a fruitful movement of God.”

When he his home, Bob resides part of the year in Los Angeles. He and Pam have three children and four grandchildren. In the summers, he likes to write at his family cabin in Montana. He is looking forward to sharing his message this June.

Register now for the Regional Convention in Anderson, Indiana, at Can’t make it to Anderson? Check out the Regional Conference opportunity taking place in conjunction with the Church of God Women’s Convention in Orlando, Florida, this October.

Kevin Spear worked for Warner Christian Resources (formerly Warner Press) and has regularly contributed time and talent to the work of Church of God Ministries. He is a ministry partner with his wife Paula, a family ministry pastor at Catalyst Church, Pendleton, Indiana.

Feature (top) photo: Bob teaching at Arbel, northern Israel.

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