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A longstanding resource familiar to all pastors in the Church of God is the Yearbook. The Yearbook offers convenient access to information about a wide array of important ministries that serve the Church of God movement. More than ever before, the next edition of the Yearbook will provide a clearer, broader picture of the ways God is working in our midst.

The Church of God Yearbook is perhaps most often used as a reference for congregations and pastors. The 2019-2020 Yearbook will include an important update to this feature. All ministers and churches that are on the approved list of their credentialing assembly will appear in the Yearbook, even if they were late in registering. Though we cannot guarantee that the information for non-registered churches and pastors will be current, this will make the Yearbook more useful.

The 2019-2020 Yearbook of the Church of God in the US and Canada is now in development. The final updates will take place immediately after the General Assembly meets in late June. This will allow us to provide you with up-to-date information on the General Assembly and Ministries Council decisions made at that time. Hardcopies are scheduled to be mailed in September 2019.

Prior to that, the Yearbook can be accessed by all registered ministers and churches by logging onto CHOG24/7 and selecting “Download Our Mobile App” or “Download a PDF.” The mobile app provides information updated every 24 hours, while the PDF is a static document. There is no charge for this.

Hardcopies of the Yearbook may be ordered until July 12, 2019.

• $45 online
• $50 for call-in
• $35 for retired (online or call-in)

Spiral bound:
• $52 online
• $57 for call-in
• $52 for retired (online or call-in)


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