Yes…it’s a pretty audacious mission. But it’s what drives every member of our team, every day.

Because for each of us, working with Church of God Ministries isn’t a job. It’s a way to align our vocation with our calling…which means it’s also a pretty audacious blessing.

So what does the mission mean to us?


It means empowering the young pastor bearing the daily burdens of leadership, family, and financial pressures for the sake of the Kingdom.

It means supporting the missionary couple working to build Christ-inspired programs and solutions as they live out God’s calling far from home.

And it means equipping the leader collaborating to shine a light in her community the way Jesus did, to keep the doors of her church opening outward instead of inward, and to bring the Kingdom to life in the streets of her city.

…all of which means that every day we serve to accomplish the mission, we’re also serving you. This year that has been our true privilege, and we’re excited to share with you some of our milestones and accomplishments from 2022.

So please, flip through the report below. Celebrate with us. Experience the impact of the mission.

In Christ’s love,

This report is just a snapshot of how the General Assembly of the Church of God in the United States and Canada is bringing the Kingdom to life.

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