In C A R E

The CARE initiative of Church of God Ministries has blessed pastors for nearly two years. Seeking to address the economic challenges facing pastoral leaders, CARE staff have offered financial coaching to nearly 100 pastors and provided over $300,000 to offset student loans and boost retirement accounts. In addition, 230 ordination candidates and over 200 pastors and board members have benefitted from clergy compensation seminar instruction.

CARE offers Pastoral Compensation: A Manual for Congregational Boards as resource to Church of God leaders for gaining information, clarity, and understanding in best practices in setting up pastor compensation packages. Written by Church of God pastor finance experts, the manual is available through the website below.


Pastor, to discover how CARE can benefit you, go to and click on the Get Started button. A CARE staff person will contact you quickly.

Learn More—Participate in one of two CARE Seminars at these Regional Conventions of the Church of God:

  • Fairfax, Virginia (Tuesday, September 18)
  • Safety Harbor, Florida (Tuesday, September 25)

A 20-something pastor who attended the Columbus, Ohio, Regional Convention CARE Seminar writes, “I deeply appreciate the in-depth knowledge and expertise of fiscal matters regarding pastoral compensation.”


A pastor in the Midwest exclaims, “I have recovered hope that I can get out of debt!”


A board member speaks out, “I never knew the differences in the financial demands of pastor compensation.”


A pastor expresses, “I appreciate the care for clergy and the education on how to advocate for oneself.”


A pastor near retirement reflects, “I appreciate the focus on pastor health and congregational health, along with individual assistance…information and funds.”

Register online at Attendance at the seminar provides complimentary registration for the entire convention! For more information, contact Patti Williams,

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