women just like you who have chosen to be part of

The Church of God is a collection of men and


They are the Movement. And so are you.

Each of them chooses every day to move boldly in God’s name in order to reclaim their neighborhoods and their communities for Christ.

The Church of God Movement is a collection of individual men and women

When we stand alongside our brothers and sisters in the Movement, together we can bring about bold transformation in our neighborhoods, our communities, and across the world.


What if each of us could support the movement with as little as $5, $10, or $25 per month? Together we could:

  • Empower hours of Christian Broadcasting Hope in 9 languages around the world
  • Strengthen local ministries through programs like Leadership Focus and Be Bold Academy
  • Provide resources and support for missionaries around the globe
  • Equip passionate youth for ministry

“We all desire to be a part of something bigger. The Church of God provides that — family and friends around the world that you can connect with.”

Scott Dent
First Church of God
Marion, South Dakota

“The Movement embraced me, the Movement loved me, and has continuously given me the opportunity to serve and become what God wanted me to be.”

Michael Thigpen
Anderson University
Anderson, Indiana

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