Hungry to Serve: Good Church Provides Food for Flint Families

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By Carl Stagner

The news headlines and bulletins from the school district were troubling. A school’s closure due to the coronavirus crisis would mean more than a dilemma concerning daily supervision or childcare. For far too many families in Flint, Michigan, the problem posed a threat to daily needs. Coming to school every day isn’t about a gold-star-studded certificate at the end of the semester for perfect attendance; it’s about a reliable source of food. Good Church, a Church of God family of faith presently in a pre-launch phase of operations, certainly isn’t in a pre-launch phase of service to God and community! They’ve stepped into the gap the pandemic left behind, serving more than five hundred people in the first five days alone.

“It did not take long for all pieces of this puzzle to come together,” Pastor Leo Robinson explains. “God allowed for every need to be met in order to feed the families of our community daily. We partnered with GCCARD, a community action agency in Flint to prepare and deliver one hundred meals and one hundred snack bags daily to the church. From there many Good Church members gather and transport meals to various sites around the city and actually serve the community. We also have a married couple that focused solely on how to protect our members while serving. They have provided safety items such as handmade mask with filters, gloves, and hand sanitizer for all volunteering. Prayers have been a major part of this endeavor as well. We have received numerous messages letting us know that that other believers are watching what we are doing and they are praying.”

Pastor Leo indicates the effort has been appreciated greatly by the community and a boost for Good Church, too. While roles and responsibilities within the church teams have yet to be defined, these Christ-followers weren’t waiting for a blueprint or an established church structure to get moving. The Bible is their manual, and they’ve already been given clear instructions to serve wherever their feet are planted. The problem they identified in their community simply could not be ignored.

“There is fear and confusion in our community and we need to be a part of showing the people that the God of creation does not want us to be afraid,” Leo explains. “We all just started to brainstorm and pull together with one mind to get the job done. Good Church is a multicultural community that impacts as many lives as we can with the life-giving message and love of Jesus. We are located on the north side of Flint, an area often known for all the wrong reasons. It is our desire to show this community a real God, who works in real ways, with real people. We want this community to know that God is closer than they think. We strive to work with the community on basic daily needs and show them that God cares about what they are going through on a real level.”

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