Hitting the Target: CHOG Missionary Son Connects Archery and Gospel

 In All Church of God, Global Strategy

Video story by Bryan Hughes

“Local church brings weapons into the public school and talks about God!” That’s the headline that Kevin Schweiger envisions for the unique ministry he champions. As the son of longtime Church of God missionaries Ruben and Jenny Schweiger, Kevin is no stranger to the Church of God. Kevin, associate pastor at Grace Chapel in Mason, Ohio, is involved in an outreach that connects outdoor sports—especially archery—to the gospel.

In less than two years, Kevin has helped bring archery to more than twenty public schools and more than ten thousand students. Just as parents Ruben and Jenny Schweiger learned the language of the Kenyan culture, Kevin has learned to speak the language of a culture of students who long for adventure and activity. With every bull’s-eye, His Pins Archery reaches more and more families, and truly hits the target.

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