Historic Flooding Ravages Bangladesh, Church of God Responds

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By Michaela McCurdy

Relentless rainfall, coupled with eroding river embankments, has led to unprecedented flooding in northeastern Bangladesh. Right now, an estimated 80 percent of the Sylhet region in Bangladesh is already inundated as waters continue to rise. Many people have lost their homes, sustenance, and livelihoods. Broken communication systems and destroyed transportation infrastructures make it difficult for humanitarian assistance to reach those with greatest need.

In the midst of this disaster, the local Church of God, under the leadership of Pastor Lovely Suchiang, is stepping up to provide emergency relief to their church and community. Right now, Church of God Ministries Disaster Relief funds are partnering with the Church of God in Sylhet, Bangladesh, to provide food, clean water, and basic provisions to 500 families. Additional funds are needed for the reconstruction of sanitation facilities, homes, and livelihoods.

To partner with the local Church of God in Bangladesh in providing emergency relief for these 500 families, donations can be made to Church of God Ministries Disaster Relief. Your generosity today equips emergency responses in Bangladesh, as well as Myanmar, Malawi, Ukraine, and other hurting communities around the world. Thank you.

Note: Photos provided by Pastor Lovely Suchiang (Church of God Sylhet, Bangladesh)

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