Here and There: SHAPE Happenings across North America

 In All Church of God, SHAPE

Cluster-leader training is taking place in Michigan and Tennessee in preparation for the launch of new cohorts in 2013. On February 4–5, Pastors Mike Stadelmayer, John Mellish, and Dennis Cole met at the Michigan Ministries office in Lansing with Paul and Regional Pastor Bill Jones to begin their training. Additional training will take place in the weeks to come with a tentative orientation retreat for Michigan’s cohort three in late spring.

Training took place in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, on February 11–12 as the region plans for the launch of its sixth cohort later this year. Karen Bailey, Don Hackney, Bobby Morrison, and Danny and Linda Pinter will provide leadership for this new cohort. The regional pastor for Tennessee is Dwayne Pierce.

The Annual Carolina Ministries Pastors’ Retreat was held February 18–20 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Paul was invited by Regional Pastor Mike Claypool to introduce the ministry of SHAPE to the pastors in attendance. In the morning session on Tuesday, Paul presented “A Taste of SHAPE: A SHAPE Ministry Appetizer” to the thirty pastors and spouses gathered. Participants were provided with an opportunity to experience SHAPE through small group interaction around the themes of “Gratitude for Lives That Have Touched Us,” “Building a Community of Trust,” and “Dealing with the Tension between ‘Being’ and ‘Doing.’” In the evening session, the group discussed the nature of “Being the Body of Christ” through the presentation “The Body of Christ Revisited,” and the group was then given an introduction to the ministry of SHAPE. At the close of the session, the pastors in attendance gave overwhelming support for the region to pursue involvement in SHAPE. Pastor Mike and Paul are in conversation to develop an implementation plan for the Carolinas.

Please pray for these three regions as they continue the development of ministry to pastors.

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