Hearts Open to the Lord’s Leading as California Convention Commences

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By Carl Stagner

Church of God people love to get together and, as the first of three Church of God Regionals 2024 begins, the pattern holds true. From across the country, pastors and leaders have descended upon the Los Angeles metropolitan area for four days of fellowship, worship, preaching, and—especially during the second portion of the event—strategic innovation. Indeed, this week’s Regional puts a unique spin on the familiar Church of God Convention format by bringing in dynamic components of the Misfits Conference, made popular through the ministry of Pastor Geremy Dixon and Center of Hope LA. As sessions start and continue through the week, one can only imagine what may result from hearts open to the Lord’s leading.

Ken Love, pastor, church planter, and regional pastor for Florida Church of God Ministries, is slated to serve as one of the speakers of the first portion of the California conference. Ken and his wife, Sheila, are stirred by the dream of developing Presence-centered leaders and churches that unleash the implications of the “kingdom of God in rich biblical reality.” In a brief interview with Church of God Ministries about the California Regional, Ken observes, “It’s always exciting to be a part of what Christ is doing in the holy church! Regionals offer several opportunities to connect and explore the Kingdom further.”

Worship at Center of Hope LA.

Perhaps that’s why Christian leaders of a variety of backgrounds and ministry types are gathered in southern California this week. They, too, don’t want to miss the chance to connect and explore God’s kingdom further and with greater insights. There’s something special when the people of God gather, and to do so in a place where the Spirit is moving in vividly visible ways is an opportunity worth seizing.

Main sessions, breakouts, a panel discussion, and several meaningful moments of worship outline the daily schedule for the Inglewood, California, meeting. Then, after the Church of God Ministries emphasis is complete, convention attendees will hear from influencers, executives, and innovators who are no longer waiting for invitations to tables, but instead building their own. The Misfits Conference is anticipated to bring together “market disruptors, change agents, and thinkers imagining the next iteration of ministry.” It’s no wonder people are excited.

Julieian-Alexis Roberts, Gary Kendall, Paul Sheppard, Handel Smith, and Jim Lyon round out the list of speakers for the first portion. Rod Stafford, Tim Ross, Nate Parker, Julie Wenah, Derek Luke, Lisa Johnson, and Andre Johnson combine to form the roster of Misfits to rise to the podium. With great expectancy, the Church of God welcomes all to the kickoff Regional 2024!

Learn more, and register for upcoming Regionals, at www.chogconvention.org.

Feature (top) photo: Los Angeles skyline from the surrounding palm-laden hills. Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash.

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