He is Just the Same Today: The Miracle of Aaron Williams

 In All Church of God, Southeast


By Carl Stagner

He is just the same today. No doubt about it. An incredible miracle has happened among the congregation of the Epperson First Church of God of Winchester, Kentucky. Aaron Williams, son of Pastor Chris Williams, walked into the sanctuary of the church on November 22 for morning worship. No, he wasn’t a prodigal who had returned home. Aaron Williams had been in an auto accident that, according to doctors, should have claimed his life. But the Lord heard the thousands and thousands of prayers that went up from Kentucky to the West Coast to Japan. From the fiery crash to the remarkable recovery, to the souls saved and rededicated to the Lord as a result, this is a story of hope that Pastor Chris, his family, and his church have lived.

Chris Williams has served as pastor of Epperson First Church of God for twenty-one years. His faith has grown through many experiences over the course of his ministry, but perhaps nothing has caused his faith to develop more than what happened the night of September 19. His son, a basketball star at Bath County High School, had gotten in his car to pick up his date for Homecoming. When the call came to Chris, who was returning from taking a church group to the Cincinnati Zoo, he was stunned to his core.

Aaron_Williams_Nov22_stands_church_FORWEB“A friend of mine, a lawyer, called me and I knew it was bad news. I asked if Aaron was alive, and he responded, ‘It’s bad,’” Chris recounts. Not something a parent ever wants to hear. Chris remembers that when they brought his son to the hospital near where the family lives in Mount Sterling, Aaron was considered dead on arrival. Reports were that Aaron was “giving the death stare, dead and lifeless,” Chris explains. “Everyone was in tears, crying and praying.” Aaron was transported to another hospital, and Chris soon learned that Aaron was, in fact, alive. The storm had only just begun for the Williams family, however. Multiple broken bones and severe brain damage left Aaron teetering on the brink. Closed-door conversation later revealed medical staff predicting he wouldn’t live through the night.

But Chris and his wife Veronica would accept none of the hopeless dialogue. While their worlds were shaken and their faith was tested, they received comfort from the Holy Spirit and encouragement from the ever-widening prayer circle forming around them. Even while Aaron lay unresponsive in a coma for a month, the family kept their eyes fixed on the Lord. Night after night, Chris would check his e-mail to discover two or three thousand new e-mails a day from people around the world, in the Church of God and beyond, who were praying for Aaron. It was overwhelming for the family. And then, a miracle began to unfold.

Chris_Williams_family_DarrylWilliams_check_FORWEB“One Friday evening at rehab, I was pushing Aaron in the wheelchair. He still couldn’t speak, and his right arm was still drawn,” Chris recalls. “I stopped to say something to him and he looked up at me, and it was like God said, ‘Okay, it’s time to get up!’ Aaron’s arm relaxed and he said, ‘Can we just keep walking?’ I started crying and he started crying. I said, ‘Why are you crying?’ He said, ‘Because you’re crying!’” And that’s when things really started in the right direction.”

God still works divine healing in his people today. Aaron Williams is a living, breathing, walking example of that. His brain is still healing, and his parents can’t wait to see him play basketball again. In the days since his release from ’round-the-clock medical care, Aaron has received attention from television news, celebrities, and Kentucky Church of God Ministries, which collected donations from churches and individuals to help offset medical costs.

“You tell me God is not real,” Darryl Allen dared social media followers on November 22. The director of Kentucky Ministries continued, “Aaron Williams walked into church this morning a little more than two months after what should have been a fatal accident on September 19. But God was with him, spared his life, and he has astounded everyone in his recovery. 100,000 hallelujahs to our great and mighty God!”

“I’ve truly seen a miracle,” Chris Williams concludes. “God hears the prayers of his saints.”

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