Harvesters in Every Season: Can-Do Spirit Catalyzes Kindness in Kansas City

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By Carl Stagner

As spring showers and flowers yield to summer heat and humidity, farmers across the Great Plains and Midwest have had little time to recover from turning over soil and sowing seed. In Kansas City, Kansas, Harvesters of a different kind are both sowing and reaping, and doing so throughout the year. One provocative question brought an idea to reality for Kansas City Community Church: “Why couldn’t we do this at our church?”

Every third Saturday, Harvesters conducts a food distribution program at the church where Charles Cofield serves as pastor. Robin Harvey, administrator for Kansas City Community Church, serves as the director of the outreach. Robin and her assistant director were assisting at other churches that have food pantries and ultimately came to the conclusion that their church could do the same thing for their neighbors. In the midst of winter—just before Christmas 2021—they made it happen.

About thirty people pool their resources and give of their time and energy to pull it off each month. The axiom is proven true time and again through Harvesters: many hands make light work. Ordering supplies, picking up food, stocking, assembling bags, cleaning up, filing reports, managing inspections, and the actual distribution imply round-the-clock activity to keep the ministry up and running. But that doesn’t deter the congregation; in fact, they look forward to the food distribution each month.

Harvesters food distribution

“Most times, we have more volunteers than we have work to do, but we enjoy the fellowship with our guests and with one another,” Robin reflects. “We have a few people who come through the line walking or in wheelchairs who are oftentimes in need of more than just food. We try to minister, counsel, or be that listening ear they need at that time. Very often some will get out of their cars, with tears streaming down their faces, to give us hugs or, if they want prayer, they’re directed to pull to the side where one of our ministers will pray with them. Everyone who comes through the line is considered our honored guest and we, as volunteers, are more blessed and humbled to be able to serve them.”

Community matters to Robin and the church she serves. After all, community is in their name. Within the four walls and far beyond, community is a major focus of ministry at, and through, Kansas City Community Church.

“Serving our community and meeting the needs of the people is why we’re here,” she exclaims. “We also fill daily requests for food whenever we receive them. At KCCC, our motto is: ‘A church in the community, for the community.’ We have printed scriptures that go inside every bag of food given out. We’ve had several people visit and some join our church as a result of the ministering they’ve received from coming through the Harvesters distribution line. At KCCC, we’re spreading the gospel, one way or another, and that’s our motivation!”

Eventually, the church longs to see God harness the power of Harvesters even more. There’s always another level of excellence to attain, another degree of effectiveness to reach.

“Our prayer for this event is that we can increase our ministry from once a month to eventually once a week,” Robin says. “We’re also praying and believing God for a van that can be used in picking up food from Harvesters and used to deliver food to the elderly and/or handicapped. It would also be used to pick up people for various church services. Our Harvesters commitment is monthly, but our commitment to Christ is daily!”

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