Hard Work, Dedication Culminate in Launch of Satellite Campus

 In All Church of God, Great Lakes

Kevin and Misty Gillian

By Kevin and Misty Gillian

Editor’s note—The following article, originally published by Indiana Ministries, highlights the incredible happenings at the Auburn, Indiana, satellite campus of the healthy, growing County Line Church of God.

God is doing amazing things at County Line Auburn Campus! Since July of last year, we’ve held church in the basement while the main floor was being renovated. Starting with just 10 core team leaders and 50 launch team volunteers, we’ve grown to an average of 175 people. We never imagined the lives that would be changed right before our eyes.

From our first block party to our recent Pizza with the Pastor, we’ve experienced God’s hand on the lives of those in our surrounding community. With our first cookout in the heart of the community, our core team and launch team genuinely loved and shared the gospel with many who came. A mother who wasn’t sure where to turn was introduced to Jesus. She and her two children gave their lives to him. A father who wanted to turn his life around for his girls met Jesus and gave his life to Christ. A friend’s daughter didn’t know how to give her life to Jesus, so the church came alongside her, and she professed him as Lord and Savior. In August 2019, they were able to acknowledge their faith in Christ during our County Line annual baptism service. What a glorious day!

Here we are now upstairs, in our newly renovated building, just in time for our launch day. Even though we had a few setbacks with our official launch day, it worked out according to God’s great timing and perfect plan. Our launch day became December 22, 2019. Our core team and launch team were working overtime due to providing two services that day! Did I mention that our core team and launch team are amazing?! It went surprisingly well! Our first service held 147 people and our second service held 230.

For our launch day, we were able to give a dollar for every seat that was filled to a local ministry called Inspiration Ministries. We had several generous attenders who also donated a dollar. As a church body, we were able to raise $2,500!

God is truly moving. We are humbled to be a part of his great plan to seek and find the lost. We are blessed by his provisions of providing harvesters who are willing to come alongside us to nurture those who were once lost but now are found. The Lord is faithful to provide and full of grace.

Learn more about County Line Church of God at www.countylinechurch.org; Indiana Ministries at www.indianaministries.org; and the Church of God movement at www.jesusisthesubject.org.

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