Haiti: Four Hundred Blessings and More

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Newborn receiving medical care at the CHOG hospital in Haiti.

By Mark Fulton

When the emergency department of the Church of God hospital opened in Haiti in January 2018, the decision was made initially to not have birthing services, as we had too many other things to put into place. How naïve we were! When a mom comes to the ER and is nearly ready to give birth, referring her to another center is out of the question. So, we quickly learned what we needed to procure and arrange to be able to assist with the normal birthing process, as well as finding the personnel to perform surgical birth assistance (Caesarian).

Since the opening date (January 15, 2018) the staff has assisted in over four hundred births! For those situations beyond the scope of our small facility, an ambulance is available and transportation to a larger medical center is a possibility. We are thankful for the opportunities that God has presented and continue to pray for the personnel and fiscal support to maintain the quality of care necessary to assist more and more moms and babies. To God be the glory!

New shade for waiting patients at the hospital.

Made in the Shade

July in Haiti is hot, and actually the other eleven months have their share of heat, as well! Couple these high temperatures with tight quarters in a small waiting room for the Church of God hospital’s outpatient waiting area, and the need for a shaded, larger waiting area for the patients is punctuated. Due to some generous gifts, some extra benches and a roofed area were built to provide shade and a breeze as the patients wait to see their healthcare provider. We (and the patients) are truly blessed to have an area to wait and rest in better conditions.

Couple married at the Haiti CHOG Convention!

Church of God Conventions: Orlando and Haiti

What a tremendous blessing it was to participate with people from all over the globe as we worshipped and shared together at the Church of God Convention in Orlando, Florida, June 27–30! The joy of being together with old and new friends alike was a breath of life for both of us! Fast forward to July 18–21, when we enjoyed the regional CHOG convention in Saintard, Haiti. Highlights included weddings, a youth service, a parade down the main street, nightly worship services, and a service to honor the older saints of the church, where they were presented with a handmade tote bag (made by ladies from the Church of God in the United States!), filled with a variety of necessities. A rich time was had by all!

Mark and Kathy Fulton serve as Global Strategy missionaries to Haiti. Learn more, and discover opportunities for support, at www.chogglobal.org/team/mkfulton.

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