Haiti Earthquake: The Response, Two Years Later

 In Church of God Ministries, Disaster Relief

Photo: Work team praying over house construction in Haiti


Two years have passed since the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti. The Church of God responded deliberately and swiftly to the crisis by donating time and resources to restore hope to the region.

Congregations and individuals gave more than $845,000 to support the disaster relief effort coordinated by Church of God Ministries. Fifty work teams, composed of more than 700 people, faithfully endured grueling conditions to complete construction on 171 homes. Another 150 homes were constructed in partnership with other relief organizations.

In 2010, Church of God Ministries presented Dr. Mark Fulton with a check for $50,000 to be used to complete the construction of a prosthetic clinic at a hospital in Haiti associated with the Church of God. Additional funds were recently given to establish an endowment for ongoing support of the prosthetic clinic.

“Beyond the assistance and the money provided to our church family in Haiti,” Don Smith, Eye on the World/Project Link Administrator, “perhaps the greatest gift given by the Church of God in North America was the gift of hope. Through the generous love of God’s people, hope was given to these who have suffered greatly, enough hope for living another day knowing that God cares for them.”

Thank you, Church of God, for your support of disaster relief. For more information, visit http://www.chog.org/compassionate-ministries.

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