Growing in Grace and Knowledge: Bible Trivia in Baxter, Tennessee

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By Carl Stagner

A little competition doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, for Boma First Church of God near Baxter, Tennessee, a little competition comes with the territory—especially if it’s Bible Trivia Night! Given the special occasion comes around only once a month, Bible Trivia Night is typically met with great anticipation. And, given the special occasion comes around once a month, the congregants young, old, and in between routinely sharpen their spiritual swords for a little friendly battle-of-the-brains. In so doing, they not only accumulate useful knowledge of God’s Word, but also find themselves building close-knit community.

Pastor Tim Sharp traces the origins of Bible Trivia Night back to a ministry meeting. “We were planning events for our church calendar, and someone mentioned having a Bible trivia night,” he recounts. “So, we started having Bible Trivia Night on the first Wednesday of the month. We decided to have a meal and fellowship before we actually started the trivia.”

The way it all works is pretty simple. Instead of a board game or anything terribly complicated, the trivia questions come from a deck of cards designed specifically for Bible learning. Of course, study and learning are often associated with hard work, focus, and sometimes boredom. Thankfully, people seem attracted to Bible Trivia Night because it’s none of these. Instead, participants describe the monthly meetup as fun. Furthermore, all age groups participate, and teams are formed from the whole. Regular classes that would meet on Wednesday evening don’t meet the first Wednesday in lieu of Bible Trivia Night.

“I believe there are great spiritual benefits to our Bible trivia games,” Tim explains. “One, in particular, is that everyone is preparing ahead of time by studying the scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, trying to polish up some of the things they had forgotten. It’s a fun time of getting into the Word”—and the discipleship result is the biggest blessing of all.

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Feature (top) photo: Boma First Church of God youth playing trivia on a separate occasion.

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