As I think back on meaningful experiences I have had with teams I’ve served with, or groups I’ve been a part of, most often they were activities that we did together as a team—a training session, a seminar, a field trip.

Recently, our staff at Church of God Ministries had a training experience and I was reminded again of the value of taking time away from our daily tasks, investing in one another, and learning together. There was good content. There was an engaging trainer. There was vibrant discussion and there was laughter. Lots of laughter. TOGETHER.

Being together can impact group dynamics in wonderful ways. I’ve watched these experiences create deepened relationship, heightened understanding, and a commitment to one another. That’s invaluable when you seek a dynamic team to emerge from these group dynamics. And what a great way to fuel your team to give life in their families, church, and community!

Church of God Convention 2019 can offer your church staff or small group—any group of 10 from the same church—that kind of experience, for nearly 50 percent off the regular price. Individual registration is currently $149 per person, but any group of 10 that registers from the same church can register for $79 per person. That’s a great deal for you to invest in the group dynamics of your team. We hope you can travel together, learn together, and worship together with the larger body of the Church of God in Orlando.






It’s going to be a great time! Don’t miss it!


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