God in the Details: Mississippi Church Property Acquisition a Kingdom Win

 In All Church of God, CHOG, Southeast

By Kim Ousley

It’s not every day that a great deal on a property comes along, especially in the present real estate market. When it benefits a church seeking to expand the kingdom of God, bringing a longtime dream to fruition, it’s especially exciting. God is often in the details of such circumstances. In this case, he’s in the woods next to Parkview Church of God in Yazoo City, Mississippi.

Parkview recently purchased property adjacent to the church property. The house has 10,000 square feet and many bedrooms. Then there’s the hundred-acre wood, complete with a five-acre lake, for a reasonable price. Fascinatingly, the former family decided to sell the house and acreage because God had called them to move to Africa as missionaries to help people drill wells and teach them how to grow food, all while communicating the love of Jesus.

Exterior of new property.

Pastor Ken Lynch starts out by saying, “To make a long story short…” as he proceeds to share with excitement the miracle he has been praying about for many years.

“My heart has dreamed of having a location like this for over thirty years,” said Lynch. He’s been minister at Parkview for twenty-five of those years. Before he was called into the ministry, he served his community as a forester; Ken earned a degree in forestry. His love of nature, combined with his love of God, will now bring him full-circle to creating a space in nature to share the Word of God.

The ‘lodge,’ as the house is being called, has three levels and many bedrooms on each level. He hopes to provide the lodge and property for many camps, training of seminary students, and family experiences for all ages. He dreams of creating trails in the woods behind the lodge into Old and New Testament “walks,” complete with spaces along the way that would represent different stories in the Bible.

“Imagine coming across a patch of vines and discussing the parables of Christ, or a vineyard and having a hands-on learning experience,” he said.

Bible training center is at the forefront of the many opportunities he would like to provide. “I have gifted worship leaders and seminary teachers that are willing to be a part of training new seminary students,” said Lynch.

Aerial of the property well-suited for spiritual retreats and more!

Lynch would also like to host a spouse retreat, especially for pastors and their wives. Also, a few 4-H animals in the area could also make an appearance now and then.

“Our vision statement is being created with those who have the gifts and talents to help this new ministry come to fruition.” His 13 years in the forestry background and 35 years in ministry have come together and he is feeling truly blessed.

Before the offer of the property, the staff had looked into smaller properties at the cost to do exactly what they are dreaming of doing now. The price alone was a deterrent to the dream. Then God stepped in.

“God provided and we didn’t have to appeal to the congregation for money,” said Lynch. “It came flowing in through various donations. In January, we purchased the property.”

Relationships have been built over time and now the church community is investing in the future of the next generation.

Kim Ousley serves as a freelance writer for Church of God Ministries.

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