Global Wesleyan Alliance Promotes Collaboration Among Wesleyan-Arminian Groups

 In All Church of God


Leaders of 18 faith groups convened for meetings of the Global Wesleyan Alliance (GWA) on Friday, November 30, 2012, and Saturday, December 1, 2012, at the headquarters of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union in Circleville, Ohio. The GWA partnership was formed in December 2011 to amplify the prophetic voice of Wesleyan-Arminian holiness ministries and to increase their effectiveness in spreading scriptural holiness throughout the world.

Members of the GWA Board of Directors are President Dr. Tom Hermiz (Churches of Christ in Christian Union), Vice President Dr. JoAnne Lyon (The Wesleyan Church), Secretary Dr. David Graves (Church of the Nazarene), and Treasurer Dr. Ronald Duncan (Church of God Anderson).

Other leaders involved in organizing the GWA are from Church of Christ Holiness USA, Church of God Holiness, Congregational Methodist Church, Evangelical Methodist Church, Free Methodist Church USA, International Fellowship of Bible Churches, Missionary Church, The Evangelical Church of North America, The Methodist Protestant Church, and The Salvation Army.

A “Covenant of the Global Wesleyan Alliance” was created last December and further revised by the GWA Board of Directors later that month. It includes a Statement of Faith and a plan for organization and governance. Prospective members of the Global Wesleyan Alliance have been gaining approval from their faith groups to support this Covenant and participate as official members. The most recent meeting approved the Covenant in principle, and initiated a plan for financing the organization. The Board of Directors will be making assignments to GWA members to convene meetings in order to discuss specific possibilities for collaboration, such as a facilitated transfer of credentials between member faith groups, promotion of prayer participation and input from young people, missions collaboration, urban mission collaboration, and a gathering of judicatory leaders. Ongoing efforts include the planning of holiness summits, creating forums for prayer, and making classic holiness literature available.

The next annual meeting of the Global Wesleyan Alliance is planned for December 6–7, 2013, at The Salvation Army Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.


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