Global Gathering: ‘Worshiping’ Together!

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By Carma Wood

We will stand as one, we will stand as one, reflecting his glory!

The first line of the chorus of the Global Gathering 2013 theme song penned by Mick Gilliam and David Coplin is the strong hope of those who are in preparation for the 2013 summer event. We desire to truly recognize our unity and bond in Christ Jesus and in that recognition be a massive reflection of his glory, showing to the community of Anderson and to the communities around the world the truth that has set us free to be sons and daughters of the one living God.

This is a high goal. It cannot be reached without much prayer, preparation, intentional laying down of our own agendas, and turning to a mutual vision of real exchange of our stories, our hopes, our sorrows, and our victories. Those who are laying the groundwork for the convention invite those of you who are now making plans to come and those of you who are hesitant to be a part but open to the possibility, to pray with us, to consider with us the promise from our Lord: “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself” (John 12:32 NIV).

As for me, I imagine a gathering of God’s good creation from all tongues and tribes celebrating together in honor of what the Lord has done in our lives, finding strength in our commonalities, and finding life abundant in our diversity. I want to look in your face and you look into mine and both find a sister or a brother there whom, until that moment, had not been discovered.

The Global Gathering is June 22–25 in Anderson, Indiana. Visit to register today!

Carma Wood is co-worship coordinator for the Global Gathering 2013. She currently serves as associate pastor of worship and the arts at Park Place Church of God in Anderson, Indiana.

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