Glitz, Glamour, and Glory to God! NY Pastor Tailors Message to Women

 In All Church of God

Photo: Tatum Osbourne

By Carl Stagner

Fashion advice. Hairstyle tips. Makeup how-tos. Health and business headlines. Not exactly what you’d expect from a ministry publication. Perhaps that’s, in part, why Tatum Osbourne, CEO and founder of BE U Enterprises, chooses to include these items in her magazine. Through the magazine, seminars, and online communication, Tatum’s ministry reaches women where they are, and then teaches them to glorify God in every area of their lives.

Tatum, who is the administrative pastor at Refuge Church of God in Brooklyn, New York, was born on the island of Barbados but raised in New York from age two. Her life’s goal is to “die empty,” having poured her all into her divine Tatum_Osbourne_teaches_FORWEBassignment. As she works toward a Christian ministries degree from Mid-America Christian University, she has begun another piece of her divine assignment—this one far outside the box of traditional ministry.

“I was sitting at my desk one day,” Tatum recollects, “when I had what I can only describe as a twenty-second vision. I saw the word beautiful flash before me, and the letters B, E, and U raised above the others. In that moment I sensed the Holy Spirit wanting me to share with other sisters in Christ that they are beautiful, and that their beauty has everything to do with being who God has called them to be.” BE U Enterprises was born, and its purpose solidified—to educate, inspire, and advance the wellbeing of the total woman.

A woman’s faith is one aspect of her total self. It’s no wonder then that the training and publications Tatum offers addresses a wide variety of topics that matter to women. “I am trying to reach women, ages eighteen and up, who love and serve God and enjoy all things female, and want a publication that talks about those things while maintaining a godly perspective. The publication is your Christian version of Elle magazine. When you look at what is offered today in publishing, it is full of overtly sexual content and New Age thinking that don’t reflect the heart of God or line up with his Word. BE U is a tool to help today’s woman fulfill her God-ordained destiny and celebrate the beauty of being female.”

Tatum’s idea for a magazine was really a follow-up to her first “BEaUtiful Girl Symposium,” at which she brought in experts on hairstyle, makeup, skincare, fashion, and fitness. The day was designed as an opportunity for women to come together to relax, have fun, get informed on issues they care about, but also receive a motivational message from Tatum. “Women play various roles in their lives every day,” she explains. “I happen to be a Christian who is a woman, wife, daughter, minister, business woman, and so on.” She strives to teach balance in each of these areas, while demonstrating that each can be used to glorify God. “BE U’s goal,” Tatum continues, “is to show Christian women and others that you can be godly and fashionable, godly and a successful business woman, godly in your relationships, and godly in how you present yourself to the world.”

It was just last year that BE U Enterprises was launched. Since then, several women have experienced God’s hand at work in their lives. But this is just the beginning. “I hope to see BE U Enterprises go beyond the magazine,” Tatum concludes. “We are looking forward to developing a mentoring program for young women, as well as planning empowerment retreats. BE U is a platform to share Jesus and make him the subject of every aspect of life.”

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