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We are all called to be the feet and hands of Christ, to bring the healing, hope, and promise of Jesus to this world. Sometimes we imagine what we could do if only our reach were just a little longer, if our steps could go just a little farther. Church of God Ministries wants to partner with you in extending your reach to the places and spaces none of us could ever reach individually. Together, we can REACH OUR WORLD. Let’s take the opportunity today.

Contributions in support of Church of God Ministries General Giving, Shared Giving, and through Designated Giving may be completed in these ways:

  1. A one-time gift charged to your credit card,
  2. A recurring monthly gift charged to a credit card, or
  3. A one-time mail-in gift.

General Giving


To contribute 100% of your gift to Church of God Ministries for the work of sending missionaries, equipping pastoral leaders, inspiring youth to receive and follow God’s call, and gathering our Movement through communications and conventions, you can select to reach our world through this giving fund. This allows Church of God Ministries to fuel ministry to respond to a disaster, jump-start a critical missions initiative, or develop crucial ministry tools for local congregations and support the gifted servants at Church of God Ministries who help to make it all happen.

Shared Giving


Through the shared budget, 28% of your gift goes to the endorsed agencies of the Church of God and 72% remains with Church of God Ministries. To share your gift among our institutions of higher education, Servant Solutions, Warner Press, and Church of God Ministries, use Shared Giving as your means of giving.

Designated Giving

Church of God Ministries wants to help you make a gift to the ministry you love. In order to be certain that we understand your intention, call us or email us at 800-848-2464, and ask for Stewardship Ministry Group or email us with your question at We will answer your questions and help you in a comfortable, no pressure discussion. Please also feel free to peruse the 2018 Opportunities Guide for information about specific ministries. This is a large file and may take several minutes to open or download. Please be patient.



  • Church of God Ministries

100% of your gift goes to Church of God Ministries


  • Church of God Ministries
  • Endorsed Agencies

Your gift is shared among the endorsed agencies and Church of God Ministries


  • Church of God Ministries
  • Designated Fund

For more information, contact:

Doug Stafford
Chief Advancement Officer
800-848-2464, ext. 2137

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