Ghana Kids Can See and Chew!

 In All Church of God

Photo: Child in Ghana receives dental care thanks to Chilren of Promise.

By Paul Maxfield

I love interviewing the sponsored children around the world. I learn so much about their lives, and it gives me an opportunity to really see firsthand how they are doing. When I visited the children in Ghana, West Africa, this past February, a number of cases were observed that really required additional medical help beyond what the regular sponsorship funds can provide. There were dental health issues that needed special care, as well as a number of children who had developed eyesight issues.


Photo: Ghana children wearing new glasses!

I’m so happy to show you what has happened in the last two months in Ghana! The committee went to work immediately under the direction of Director Bishop Edward Nkansah and General Secretary Eugene Odoi—and look what has happened. The kids have had excellent dental care—teeth filled, some pulled, teeth cleaned, and other dental issues addressed by professionals in the field.

Children who needed eyeglasses were examined by a doctor with specialized equipment who came to Amazing Grace Christian Academy (where they all attend). Some of them had been struggling in school because it was difficult to read their school books, or they couldn’t read the chalkboard, or they had headaches from eye strain on a regular basis.

I am so excited to see them wearing their glasses!

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Donations to the emergency fund at Children of Promise made all of this possible. For the original story, and to learn more about how you can get involved with the child sponsorship ministry of the Church of God, visit Learn more about Children of Promise at Dr. Paul Maxfield is the executive director of Children of Promise.


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