Get Ready to ROAR!

 In All Church of God

Did you know that God’s voice can sound like a roaring lion? The Bible says in Job 37:2, “Listen! Listen to the roar of his voice; to the rumbling that comes from his mouth” (NIV). God’s voice is bold and fearless in love. His voice speaks what is right and true. We want to teach our kids from an early age to listen to God’s voice and learn to recognize when he is speaking to them.

God wants our kids to be lion-like—courageous, strong, fearless, innovative, and creative! In Born to Roar! Devotions for Kids, author Diane Cory has written ninety stirring devotions to help kids see their amazing uniqueness and find their roar. The lion’s voice is one of the things that makes it fearless and a king of the jungle. Boldness makes the lion stand out among the other animals. God wants kids to have a bold roar, too! He wants kids to have a powerful voice in this world. Cory believes kids don’t have to wait until adulthood to change the world. God has a plan and a purpose for their lives right now!

For kids and adults alike, the lion’s strength, power, boldness, and roar are captivating. Lions are viewed as brave and protective. What if we could teach our kids to be like lions when it comes to the things of God in this world? What if they were brave in standing up for what’s right with no fear? What if they knew how to protect their heart from evil—not allowing anyone or anything to steal their heart away from God?

We want our kids to roar for God in every area of their life—to look daily for ways to be brave in their beliefs. We want to raise kids who are creative, inventive, and original—not going with the flow. Lions are willing to fight when they need to. They don’t pick fights but, because they are protective of their food, mates, and territory, they fight when necessary. What do you want your kids to be willing to fight for?

It is never too soon to help kids develop the disciplines that build a strong, lifelong faith in God. Do your kids know how to hunt through the Bible? Do they know how to seek after God without adult help? Born to Roar! Devotions for Kids will have kids diving into their Bibles as they read a Scripture verse each day and follow the Bible reading plan in the back of the book. They will read a devotional story that will encourage them to grow in their walk with God. Insightful questions and activities will challenge them to think and apply the truth of what they have read. Space in the book is provided for kids to write or draw as God speaks to them.

Kids can live a life that roars for God and with God. He wants them to be confident in who they are. When the world tries to make our kids conform to its ways, our kids can change the world and make it more like heaven. Our kids can roar, letting the world know who Jesus is in them, holding nothing back. Encourage the kids you care about and help them to discover their roar!

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