Georgia Congregation Exemplifies Movement’s Heart for Students, Teachers

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By Carl Stagner

Classes are back in session, or nearly so, for students, teachers, and staff across the United States and Canada. What God is accomplishing through Church of God congregations is truly encouraging, especially in view of prayer, projects, and partnerships linking church, school, and society. Northside Church of God is one of many congregations demonstrating the love of God through generosity and kindness to its community at the dawn of a new semester. Like numerous other ministries across the Movement, the Springfield, Georgia, church hosted a school supply drive offering complimentary basic necessities to hopefully get every child started on the right foot.

“We made the decision to organize the free school supply event out of our deep affection for our community,” Pastor Roscoe Sanders Jr. explains. “Our primary goal is to express our love and support to the community, as well as to extend a helping hand during these challenging times. We understand that the expenses for various necessities have been steadily increasing, while our income remains stagnant. Hence, we are driven by the motivation to assist and uplift our community in any way we can.”

School supplies might seem boring to some kids, but not a bounce house!

Like any event offered to benefit neighbors, numerous factors are at play. Limited access, finite awareness, and other challenges make it difficult to reach the greatest number of people. For some, such hurdles or shortfalls discourage future service. But not for Northside Church of God. Though they may have hoped for a larger turnout, they rejoice in the success of helping anyone and everyone they can. They’ll also keep doing whatever they can to put their faith in action.

“The community expressed gratitude towards our church for providing free food, school supplies, and a day of enjoyment,” Sanders continues. “Our dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly and found fulfillment in giving back to our community. This event not only strengthened our bond with the community, but also fostered stronger connections within our church.”

Fun and food added interest and enjoyment to the special day at Northside, but the crux of the matter concerned those otherwise expensive—and sometimes elusive—school supplies. Of course, back-to-school necessities aren’t defined solely by pencils, pens, paper, and protractors. Prayer is also needed desperately for our schools and everyone who intersects in some way with these institutions of education.

“Our prayers extend to the local and international families, children, and teachers,” Pastor Roscoe Sanders explains. “We beseech God to protect, provide, and prevail in their lives.”

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