Fruit Bats, KIST, and the Church of God

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July 23, 2013

Fruit Bats.jpg

By Ruben Schwieger

While I was away in Anderson, Indiana, at the Global Gathering in June, swarms of fruit bats filled the trees on campus back at KIST. As I returned, they were still here chattering and hanging in clumps. These big creatures have a wingspan of up to two feet. They have furry faces and big ears. I suspect that with their design, they must be able to hear the mangoes ripening.

These bats gather to eat and hang together. Their doing that reminds me that the church also gathered in Anderson in June to eat and hang together. The theme was reminiscent of the fruit bats—“Standing Together.” I am thankful that the people of the Church of God did so much more at our gathering than the fruit bats do while hanging from the trees. It was great to celebrate together all the work that God is doing around the world. We learned together and had many opportunities to greet and meet with international brothers and sisters. KIST Church.jpg

When I arrived back at KIST, many asked about the Global Gathering: How did the meeting go? Who was there from Africa, Europe, Asia, etc.? What was discussed? Who preached? What was the spirit? People at the school would liked to have been there. Why? Because of what we love in the Church of God—being together, eating together, hanging together, standing together. I do, however, find it a blessing that most of us don’t have furry faces and big ears.

Ruben Schwieger is the interim principal for Kima International School of Theology (KIST) in Kenya.

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