From the Archives: New Year’s Reflections

 In All Church of God

By F. G. Smith

Most people regard the closing hour of the old year and the introduction of the new year as a sort of a milestone along the pathway of time. It is then that a general retrospect of past events is taken and new resolutions and purposes are formed for the upcoming year. While the Christian should at all times be actuated by the highest resolutions and purposes, it is desirable to pause at intervals and take a brief survey of the past and, profiting by all its experiences, be better able to face those problems which are to come. The result of such a consideration is beneficial, not to the individual only, but also to those with whom he stands associated; and the same principle holds true of any cooperative work in which we are engaged.

We now stand upon the threshold of another new year. Its possibilities are all before us. Our trials or triumphs, failures or successes, whichever they are to be, are as yet unknown. But in looking backward over the past year, we are able to recount so many spiritual blessings; we remember so clearly the manifestations of divine protection; guidance, and care that we do not say that there have been no difficulties to overcome, no seasons of special trial to the churches in some localities.

Battles to fight there always are, unless indeed we choose to surrender to the enemy. The apostolic churches in New Testament times had their troublesome, and sometimes perplexing, problems, as the Scriptures clearly show; but instead of being discouraged, they set about the matter of solving those problems. We are encouraged to follow their example and be true men and women of God, devoted to his interests, and, to the best of our ability, maintaining his cause.

…The brethren are becoming more thoroughly awakened to the fact that the very life of the church itself—its own existence, not to mention its increase—is dependent on the true Bible standard of consecration, and that consecration means the dedication of something to the service of God—time, talents, means, or all three. And in exact proportion to our faithfulness in putting into practice this precious truth, spirituality thrives and the work moves on. We trust that the coming year will witness even a greater degree of advancement in this respect…

As we face the new year, let us all form this one resolution: that as people of God we shall endeavor to do more for God during the coming year than we have ever done in any one year of the past. We may rest assured that we shall have the help of God in carrying out such a resolution. Zion is moving onward. This cause is progressing step by step and year by year. Let us all keep step in the march; ever pressing forward until New Year’s mornings shall give place to our new unending day in the heavenly city of God.

Frederick G. Smith served as one of the early editors of The Gospel Trumpet. This article is a compilation of portions of two editorials by F. G. Smith, first published in the December 27,1917, and December 28, 1922, issues of The Gospel Trumpet. Across the United States, and around the world, God is on the move in the Church of God. Join the movement. Reach our world. Donate today at

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