From the Archives: God’s Workmanship

 In All Church of God

By Nina C. Smith

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them” (Eph 2:10 KJV). How much this means to every believer of the Lord Jesus—to fully realize that this comes personal to each of us. We are his workmanship. Through an active, humble, childlike life, the world beholds in each of us the workmanship of the Almighty God. In and through his dear children, people are to see the truth, power, faith, and glory of God, through our creation in Christ Jesus.

Brethren in Christ, what has this new creation in our lives done for us? Are we showing forth a workmanship that convinces this world that there is a divine reality in salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord? Created in Christ Jesus; do we, at all times, act as he did, speak as he did, and always bear his image, so that we truly represent him? We are created in him, for a purpose, to good works. This, too, very decidedly means every true child of God.

Then how necessary that every believer thoroughly examine his own works to prove them, and to see that they measure to the Bible standard. They are to be good works. He should be also zealous of good works—to have the first place in all the loving service for the Master, giving him the very best there is of us. 1 Tim 6:18 tells us that we should be rich in good works. Then being rich or fruitful, we shall maintain, abound, be perfect, and become established in good works. Not drifting, nor being overcome, but becoming settled, and abounding in good works. Never before, I think, were the opportunities better for his children to show forth his workmanship than at the present time. The light and truth of the gospel shines into our hearts and illuminates our understanding, and disperses all darkness, and our God-given opportunities are many and great for us to abound in good works. Thirdly, we are to walk in them. This would mean to be upright, to walk circumspectly, and worthy of the vocation wherewith we are called.

Dear readers, let us all undertake with God’s help, to show to this dying world in and through our works and walk a perfect workmanship that will honor God and win souls to Jesus. While the ministry labors to feed and encourage the flock, showing to them their interest in all their undertakings, to encourage them in good works, to see that all are active, spiritual, and earnestly contending for the faith, also let the flock hold up the hands of the shepherd, in much fervent prayer and by supplying him with temporal things, that the work be not hindered, nor be overburdened. Remember that the workman is very worthy of his reward. How needful that every saint know his or her place in the body and be quickened unto good works, for as Nehemiah said on his rebuilding of the temple, “The work is great and large.”

So we find it to be today to send the gospel forth unto all the earth, and to rescue what we can until Jesus comes. God help us all to keep our armor bright and do what we can and be works together with God, and show forth his workmanship and walk in humble obedience, that the beauty of our God may rest upon us, and that we be found blameless before him at his coming, and that we may have the sweet consolation of knowing that our walk was pleasing to God.

This article, by Nina C. Smith, was first published in the September 1906 issue is The Gospel Trumpet. Across the United States, and around the world, God is on the move in the Church of God. Join the movement. Reach our world. Donate today at

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