From Hearsay to Let’s Pray!

 In The Window

Hearsay is overwhelming, especially when one hears contradicting things repeated. How can we know what is true, and what is a distortion of truth? Having spent forty years in ministry in the Church of God, I’ve fallen into the temptation of believing hearsay—only to later realize I was misled. Unfortunately, I’ve perpetuated some hearsay, too, and felt deep regret and renewed my resolve to speak less and listen more.


Over these past months, I’ve engaged in many conversations about the work of the Project Imagine roundtable. Often the conversation begins with someone saying to me, “I heard this…” or “I heard that….” I admit that sometimes I am astonished by some of the things I hear being reported as truth.

I’m trying to post relevant information about the roundtable, but truthfully, at this early stage of the work, there is little concrete data to report. Thus, in this blog post, I’m asking people to join with me in prayer for the work of Project Imagine. We are asking people across the Church of God to make the shift from hearsay to “Let’s pray!”

More than two dozen servants of Christ are meeting in Orlando, Florida, this week (February 27–March 1) as the Project Imagine roundtable. In this week’s meeting, the group will grapple with proposals and concepts all aimed at answering the same question, “How can we achieve functional unity across the Church of God?” One thing is clear. The answer is elusive and requires divine guidance for the task.

Thank you, reader, for taking time to pray for these leaders from across the United States and Canada who have prayerfully gathered this week to discuss ways that our movement can function with unity of purpose, heart, and mind, to transform lives everywhere by keeping Jesus the subject.

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