Fresh Vision Propels Church of God in Jamaica Forward, Positions for Future

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By Carl Stagner

The General Assembly of the Church of God in Jamaica has convened 108 times since its humble beginnings. While its history is replete with stories of God’s faithfulness and kingdom advancement, the fellowship of God’s family there had reached a point where fresh vision and renewed focus could position them well for the future. Under the orchestration of the Holy Spirit and the godly leadership of Adinhair Jones, the Church of God in Jamaica is entering a season of realignment of priorities that has already increased confidence among the congregations and galvanized local leaders for maximum impact.

Adinhair Jones has served as the executive chairman of the Church of God in Jamaica for the better part of a decade, bringing steady leadership to the role and stability to the collective work. Exceedingly thankful for several years of progress, the chairman is especially excited about what God is doing presently in their midst. From international engagement to personal devotion and community outreach, God’s fingerprints are all over their latest efforts.

“First, the people are asking questions about the church in the world,” Adinhair explains. “These questions are largely about the agency of the church in addressing pressing issues.” He goes onto describe the vitality of a biblical worldview as the dominating perspective at the local church level in Jamaica. Especially in view of competing voices and pursuits, the reestablishment of a biblical worldview carries with it the expectation of systemic transformation in the local church and society.

New Church of God office building in Jamaica.

“Second, there is a new energy—a hunger for more of God,” Adinhair continues. “I am observing an uptick in prayer engagement that presents an opportunity for recalibrating what has been lost in relation to the spiritual disciplines. I am excited that the hunger being observed will translate to a quest for spiritual maturity.” Lofty ideas, alternative gospels, and even conspiracy theories don’t stand a chance against a spiritually mature Christian engaged in the spiritual disciplines.

“A third thing,” he observes, “is the shift in mindset about investment to support the work of Jesus Christ in the world….” Adinhair’s words clarify the short- and long-term effects of their decision to construct new office infrastructure. As a potentially effective business model for local church sustainability, their national office building leases space to compatible companies—exemplifying stewardship of property and resources.

When the 108th General Assembly met in April, the desperate need for reform was acknowledged and addressed. “It has qualified dissatisfaction with reference to culture, practices, leadership, institutional needs and goals, discipleship, and visibility in the communities in which we have presence,” Adinhair observes. “There is a hunger for transformation, expansion and enlarged footprints, reaching children, youth, and families in their social contexts with credibility.” The Church of God in Jamaica rolled out strategies thus to become essential in the eyes of community and state. Through the establishment of a variety of commissions, the various sectors of society will soon see what the body of Christ can do when bands together in harmony for a common goal. An extensively detailed document outlines what the Church of God in Jamaica will look like as reforms are put into place, scalable for churches and ministries of any size and location.

“I am both elated and humbled that God would allow me to be a part of necessary reform of our Church of God movement in Jamaica,” Adinhair reflects. “It is a matter for many prayers and openness to the rigors involved. We are aware that, with what is promised by the reform, the enemy of the church will be advancing plots and schemes to derail what has started. I believe the church will stand together on this reform agenda and see it materialize.”

Jim Lyon, general director of Church of God Ministries, was one of the special guests from the United States present for the 108th General Assembly. He reflected, “The Church of God in Jamaica is very large and influential in the country (with a school that has students for years on a waitlist from all over the island—one of Kingston’s best, called the Ardenne School). The Assembly’s chair and general director is Adinhair Jones; he’s one of the finest men I have met since I came to my present post. Adinhair has been a pioneer and champion of the Belfast Roundtable and the consequent Global Table we’re working to convene next year in Tampa. He is widely respected throughout the Caribbean-Atlantic and on the Church of God global stage. The General Assembly meetings in Jamaica this year were jammed with crowds and clothed by the Spirit. Important work is being done there; so thankful to be a part, and also to strengthen the bridge to the global church, from both ends.”

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Feature (top) photo: General Assembly of the Church of God in Jamaica, gathered in April 2022.

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