Florida Church’s Viral Worship Video Spotlights Jesus’ Love

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By Carl Stagner

The wind blows where it will; some anointed experiences simply can’t be reproduced. Even video rarely captures the power of the moment for posterity. But true to fashion, the Holy Spirit sometimes surprises us with his knack for arresting our attention, drawing the focus to Jesus, and dropping us to our knees, regardless of platform, position, or place. Nearby or halfway around the world, glued to our screens, we encounter Almighty God in a fresh way, sensing his presence anew, hearing his still small voice, and longing to linger in extended periods of unimpeded worship. Not long ago, Community Church of God in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, uploaded an eighteen-minute video clip from a night of worship held with guest artist Kelontae Gavin. Only three months later, the video’s been viewed over 282,000 times, increasing the church’s visibility but, most importantly, spotlighting the love of Jesus Christ.

Jeffrey Compere

The medley of songs spontaneously woven together in harmonic tapestry of humble adoration and liberating praise begins with the congregation joining Gavin on several familiar lines of the gospel tune “No Greater Love.” Multiple inspirational choruses build thematically upon “That’s Love,” such as “I Love You, Lord” and “The Heart of Worship.” Watching the video without distraction transports the listener back to the night of recording, into the sanctuary where the Spirit visibly moved among the gathered saints; some of the sanctity of the historical moment seems to rub off on the viewer. Though Kelontae Gavin is a recognized, award-winning artist invited as a guest that evening, the spotlight clearly moved off the stunning vocals and dynamic interpretations of the musical pieces to the object of their praise. The Spirit had directed all attention to Jesus Christ, inspiring confession, repentance, and life change.

Pastor Jeffrey Compere reflects on the unexpected viral nature of their video posted to YouTube. “I believe with a world that is seeking for love, a song that describes the love story of Jesus captivates the ears and hearts of the viewers.”

But the one-night, one-time experience most outside of the local church are now familiar with is only emblematic of a larger move of God taking place weekly among the Florida family of faith.

“What has blessed me the most about our regular worship music experience at Community Church of God is the eclectic approach to worship,” Pastor Jeffrey continues. “It’s one worship service, we can worship through hymns and contemporary music, or go into spontaneous worship where we truly create a melody of praise unto God.”

Watch the viral video in its entirety on YouTube.

Learn more about the Church of God movement at www.JesusIsTheSubject.org.

Feature (top) video still: Kelontae Gavin and team leading worship at Community Church of God.

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