Flood Damages Arizona Church: How You Can Help

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Photo: Mountain Park Church’s flooded auditorium on September 8, 2014.


Daily rainfall records were shattered across the Phoenix metro area in central Arizona on Monday, September 8. As a result, flash flooding damaged homes, businesses, and churches across the region known as the Valley of the Sun. Mountain Park Community Church sustained damage estimated to be as much as two million dollars. Like most properties in the urban oasis surrounded by desert, this Church of God congregation on the south side of Phoenix was not covered by flood insurance.

Great numbers of volunteers quickly arrived on the scene to begin cleanup efforts after the force of a flash flood pushed open a set of double doors and covered furnishings in water and a layer of mud from the adjacent desert foothills. The church’s flood damage has been covered on several news stations.

Allan Fuller, lead pastor of Mountain Park, was out of the country on a mission trip when the storms hit. He is now returning home. Handel Smith, domestic ministries director at Church of God Ministries, has been in conversation with the regional pastor of the Arizona Association of the Church of God, Craig Frank, about the needs. Please be lift up this church and community in prayer, as additional storms are forecast for today.

Individuals and congregations that want to help Mountain Park financially, please visit the church’s website at www.mountainpark.org/mountain-park-news-blog/flood-fund-donations/.


If you have questions about the Church of God Disaster Relief Committee, please contact Stephen Lewis at SLewis@chog.org or 800-848-2464, ext. 2198.

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