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  Fall 2014
  Vol. 19 • No. 3
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  Life Change  

I am blown away at the incredible life change God brings about at IYC. IYC2014 in Nashville, as those of you who were there experienced, was an incredible time of life change and impact. I teared up reading some of the reports of life change, realizing that this has an effect not just on today but on generations to follow.

God moved in incredible ways, and I can say, from backstage, that the hearts of those who spoke and led on stage were so open to the Holy Spirit's work. If you were there, I pray you are staying InTune with the Spirit's power in your own life and you are helping your students understand what that means.

If you missed it, don't miss this life-changing experience July 2-5, 2016, in San Antonio, Texas. It will make a difference in your life as well as your students' lives, as you will see in the stories from others throughout this issue.

Working together to raise up a new generation of Christ-centered disciples,

Andy StephensonAndy Stephenson, PhD
Leader of Youth and Family Ministries
Andy can be reached at


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  Next Summer's Launching Pad: Leadership Summit  

Next summer, July 7–11, Leadership Summit 2015 will happen at Warner University in Lake Wales Florida! At IYC2014 in Nashville, we had more than one thousand students and adult leaders at the Emerging Leader gathering, where students were empowered, encouraged, and equipped in their journey of Christ-centered leadership! Leadership Summit next summer will be another opportunity for emerging leaders to grow and be empowered in their journey.

God is calling us to be more; now is the time to answer that call. Leadership Summit is an opportunity for the church to invest in and help emerging leaders to discover their call, grow deeper in their faith, and be trained in areas of Christ-centered leadership.

We strongly encourage you to bring your student leadership teams. This will make a difference in your ministry!

Registration is $240 before December 31, 2014, and $280 for registrations received after April 29, 2015. The price includes registration, lodging, all meals during the summit, all Leadership Summit events, and some tools to take home. It does not include transportation to Florida, but arrangements to be picked up from the airport are included if made in advance. A nonrefundable deposit of $75 is due at the time of registration, with the balance due by April 29. Contact Sue Baird at SBaird@chog.org to register.

To find out more about Emerging Leaders, Leadership Summit 2015, and available resources, go to www.emergingleaders101.com or www.chogy.org.

We hope that you will bring your student leadership teams or send a few of your student leaders to LS2015; the investment will be worth it.

 Eric ReederEric Reeder is a member of the Youth Ministry Team. He serves as the senior-high youth pastor at Madison Park Church of God in Anderson, Indiana. He can be reached at ereeder@madisonparkchurch.org.

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  Spread the Word Update  

At the International Youth Convention in Tennessee, $65,829 in offerings was given to Spread the Word to provide tools for evangelism around the world. This was the highest offering given since the original $100,000 offering was given when STW launched at IYC in Denver in 2002! Since 2002, over $700,000 has been given to spread the good news around the world. During these twelve years of giving, STW has reached six continents across the globe, and funds have just been approved for the thirty-fifth country to be served. Church of God students are making a difference!

In addition to the offerings, students visited the Spread the Word Experience booth, where they were able to see how STW funds are making a difference around the world. Students wrote letters of encouragement to those who gather at the youth café in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Others wrote notes and paid to send T-shirts to students who will attend the first ever Church of God National Youth Convention in Jamaica. These items will be delivered by a team traveling to the convention in September of this year.

Convention attendees were challenged to make STW a part of their ministries at home and not just something they support at IYC. Monthly Challenge ideas were distributed to give youth leaders creative ideas to highlight STW on a regular basis in their local ministries. For more information about how you can give, go to www.chogy.org or www.emergingleaders101.com and click on Spread the Word.

Tami ByrdTami Byrd is a member of the Youth Ministry Team. She can be reached at tamilynn22@gmail.com. She helps facilitate communication between STW and those on the field.

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Are you ready for IMPACT?

im•pact noun  im-pakt

1. have a strong effect or influence on something or someone

Imagine what can happen this fall when Church of God students everywhere give a concentrated effort toward making an IMPACT for Christ! What would it take to cause a collision between the love of Christ and kids in our communities across the country? I long to see revival. Don't you? IMPACT can help us make this a reality! So what is it?

IMPACT is an incredible free resource, available at www.emergingleaders101.com. Included are six weeks of lessons to teach your students to ignite this generation with a passion to share Christ. Also included is a thirty-day field journal for students. All are free downloads. IMPACT is also a website where our stories will be told and retold! Make sure the story of revival in your home town is part of the story! Be a part of making a difference in this generation. Check out www.emergingleaders101.com

Chris SpittersChris Spitters is a Youth Ministry Team member and the youth pastor at First Church of God in St. Joseph Michigan. He can be reached at chris.s@myfirstchurch.com.

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  Launching Pad Stories: Life Change  

A Launching Pad can be defined as something that helps you start an activity or process. It is the beginning of a journey, not the end. IYC is strategically designed with this thought in mind: to be a launching pad for life-change. Here is just one story of life change from the thousands of students who experienced God's presence at IYC 2014 and who are committed to being in tune with purpose, purity, power, and people!

“IYC 2014 was an experience that I will never forget. God worked through me in amazing ways while I attended the conference. When they said that IYC was a launching pad, they were not kidding, because ever since I left Nashville I have been in tune with the Spirit and have never before felt more connected with God. Originally I was not supposed to be going on the trip; we didn't have enough money to pay for it. However, God opened up doors for me and I ended up going at the last minute, with my church paying for me. I knew from the start that God had a reason for me being there. I couldn't have been more correct! During the purity night, God had been working through me the whole day, leading up to me confessing to my church my porn addiction that had been going on for years. That was the launching pad that I needed, and since then the Spirit has kept me from looking at porn.” —High School Student

There are hundreds of God stories of what God did at IYC2014. Pray for those who were at IYC2014 and plan to be a part of IYC2016 as a launching pad in San Antonio, Texas, July 2–5, 2016.

Adam RentasAdam Rentas is a Youth Ministry Team member and the youth pastor at First Church of God in Vero Beach, Florida. He can be reached at pastoradam12@hotmail.com.

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  IYC 2014: A Definite Life Changer  

Reflecting back on what took place during IYC2014 in Nashville, I can't help but come to the conclusion that it was indeed a life-changing event. Many of my students responded to the challenge that Becky Tirabassi gave of praying for an hour each day. And the fruit of that prayer time is already starting to show. Let me just share with you about one particular student.

Catherine took the challenge to pray for an hour each day very seriously. She started that night at IYC and continues to take the time to pray. On a recent junior high road trip with our ministry, Catherine, who was serving as a leader for this trip, adjusted her schedule to make sure that she got her prayer time in. She sacrificed game time in order to pray. It has become an important part of her formation as a Christ-follower.

This is just a taste of what God is doing in lives here in Texas because of that challenge!

R. W. MoodyR. W. Moody is our newest Youth Ministry Team member and a youth pastor Parkgate Community Church in Pasadena, Texas. He can be reached at rwmoody@parkgate.org.

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Calendar of Events

Youth Specialties Conferences for Youth Leaders
October 2–5, 2014: Sacramento, CA, or
November 20–23, 2014: Atlanta, GA
Use the code COGANIL for a discounted rate of $269. www.youthspecialties.com

Catalyst Conference, Atlanta
October 1–3, 2014

NIYC, Orlando
December 27–30, 2014

Leadership Summit, Lake Wales, FL
July 7–11, 2015

IYC2016, San Antonio, Texas
July 2–5, 2016


   YMT Members
Tami Byrd RW Moody Chris Spitters Andy Stephenson Adam Rentas


R. W.




Youth Network Team 

  Youth Network Team

            Harold Bradshaw (WY)
            Mark Shaner (IN)
            Brian Seidel (ID)
            Josh Boldman (FL)

      Eric Reeder (IN)
      Rob Ringwald (WV)
      Kati Davis (WV)
      Brandon Holbrook (KS)
      Kim Schuessler (IN)


YMT Changes

Eric Reeder Eric Reeder
We are so grateful to Eric for his six years of service to the Youth Ministry Team. Eric has helped lead Leadership Summit and the Emerging Leaders team to the next level. We are so grateful for his leadership. Youth Ministry Team members can serve up to two terms of three years. Eric will continue to help us as the point person for Leadership Summit and the emerging leader's team. Thanks, Eric, for all you have done!

RW Moody R. W. Moody
R. W. Moody has been working with students since 1998. Currently, he serves as the Pastor of Student and Family Ministries at Parkgate Community Church in Pasadena, Texas. Born and raised in Lansing, Mich., R. W. graduated from Anderson University with a degree in Christian Ministries in 1998. R. W., his wife Joy and their three children, enjoy hockey and camping together. R. W. serves as the Director of the Texas State Youth Convention and Program Director of a new and innovative student leadership program being developed for students in the state of Texas.

On the side, R. W. serves the local Boy Scouts of America Cub Scout Pack. This leadership opportunity has been a great avenue for ministry. R. W. believes that students today are thirsty to know, grow and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

R. W. is our newest member of the Youth Ministry Team. R. W. has been on the youth network team since 2010. We are excited about R. W. and the strengths he brings to the YMT team.

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Leadership Summit 2015

Leadership Summit is an opportunity for our student leaders to be empowered and trained in the areas of leadership and calling. LS will be held at Warner University in Lake Wales, Florida, July 7–11, 2015. Leadership Summit is an Emerging Leaders event, but it's more than an event; it is a launching pad. Leadership Summit is a propellant in the journey to Christ-centered leadership for our student leaders. See emergingleaders101.com for more information.

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Check out what INTERNLINC can do to help your students, as well as the resources they are offering you as CHOG youth leaders.

Click here

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