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Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions

What is Leadership Focus, anyway?

This is an online program that tackles the core elements of developing healthy, missionally focused ministry leaders.   It is currently a 3 year program that places a credentials candidate in a cluster with 4 – 6 other candidates so that they build community and relationship as they are guided through major components of leader development by a series of selected coaches.

Who might want to be part of Leadership Focus?

There are many reasons a person would want to be part of Leadership Focus.

  1. Individuals who sense a call to missions or ministry.
  2. Individuals who are answering a call to ministry and seeking credentials within the Church of God.
  3. Pastors who are life-long learners and wanting to strengthen competencies, skills, biblical knowledge and ministry renewal.
  4. Credentials Committee may also determine that Leadership Focus is a helpful tool for guiding some pastors in refocusing, retooling, or even a restoration process.

Does LF credential the candidates going through this?

No, LF is not a credentialing agent.  We will train the assembly administrator, credentials staff and credentials committee in the most effective use of LF.  However, it remains exclusively the responsibility of the identified credentialing body to determine appropriate credentials.

How long does it take a candidate to go through this?

A candidate will need a minimum of 30 – 60 days entry time to fill out paperwork and file all appropriate forms, complete assessments, schedule a debrief and fulfill other assignments.  Following that, each fall and each spring these candidates are placed into a cluster and begin a 3 year process of working through various elements of leader development essentials.

How much is this going to cost?

Each state/region entering the Leadership Focus pays a one-time entry fee of $2,500. There was an $80,000 investment to design, develop and implement LF.  These fees cover the development of the software and the additional software upgrades for each assembly page added onto Leadership Focus.

  • Additionally, these fees cover the expenses to train and equip the state administrator and credentials committee and support them during their first year of using LF.
  • Each module carries with it a state fee for the number of candidates from your state/region using LF. It is $100 every six months for each candidate that your state has in the program up to 20 candidates.  The state fee is never greater than $2,000 per module.
  • Finally, each candidate has a fee per module that is required. (Often local congregations or even states pick up the candidate fee).

What are the candidate fees?

There is a one-time registration fee of $25

Course 1 is $275.  This covers all their assessments throughout the journey; a one-on-one debrief with a professional counselor, a written report that goes to the Credentials Committee, and all the administrative support to get all the details started and process engaged.

Course 2-6 are $150 each

Candidates are eligible for a full scholarship for Course 3 (provided through a grant) IF the candidate attends ALL Course 2 cluster meetings and completes all Course 2 assignments.

Books are approximately $100 – $150. depending on where they are purchased.

The total cost to a candidate over the 3-year process is $900-$1,050 plus books.

Why should I get involved with LF?

There are numerous benefits:

  • Leadership Focus provides consistency so that candidates moving from one assembly to another midway through the process will not have to meet with a committee that has a totally different process and possibly start all over again.
  • All records and files for each candidate are housed online and easily accessible by the assembly where they reside AND are easily transferred if they move to a new location.
  • Your candidates will be placed in clusters with others from across North America. The cross–pollination of best practices, ideas, and an enhanced network of relationships and community will ultimately enrich the ministry of your region and expand the training and reach that any one state or region can provide.
  • Your candidates will experience six uniquely qualified and trained coaches whose lives and ministries have proven track records. Your candidates will now experience being trained by leaders across the nation they might never have been privileged to sit with.
  • All of the requirements of the Credentials Manual are completely met.
  • This process provides authentic mentoring- both peer mentoring because of the long-term cluster they are in, and leader mentoring because of the outstanding coaches.
  • We all know that the credentialing process helps to set the DNA for a lifetime of ministry. LF sets the culture of commitment to community, excellence, a biblically based theology that is lived out, lifetime learning, connectivity, and mission–focused ministry.

How do I sign up for Leadership Focus?

Currently we are registering anyone interested in Leadership Focus through their state, assembly or region.  Please contact your local assembly leadership for more information or contact Leadership Focus staff at

“This process is allowing me to learn that ministry is a wide scope of serving others, as well as knowing yourself. This process has opened my eyes to the servant leadership and what that means…”
—MM from Florida
“Everything is so practical. It has helped make me a better father, husband, and pastor. Better preacher and better with time management and more intentional in everything…”
—CL from Northern California
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