Famine Yields Food Insecurity in Tanzania, Church of God Responds

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By Carl Stagner

Corn, beans, and rice are staple crops in Tanzania. When prolonged famine leads to crop failure, the result is disaster of a different kind. Food insecurity has become a major concern this year in the east African country known for vast wilderness and breathtaking sights, including the continent’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. Tanzania is also home to a large portion of the global Church of God movement and, in the midst of present disaster, our sisters and brothers in Christ could use a helping hand. Strategically working to determine the best way forward in resolving Tanzania’s food insecurity is a priority for Church of God Disaster Relief and Restoration. The Church of God in the United States and Canada has therefore responded with initial financial aid, but more is needed as the crisis persists.

Near the end of the summer, the Church of God of Tanzania submitted formal requests for assistance. In the words of Rev. Dr. Daniel Mdobi Kiula and local executive leadership, the food insecurity is “alarming” and continues to “threaten most of [the] community members in Tanzania following the drought spell in the last planting and harvesting season that badly hit many parts of the country.”

A domino-effect of poor harvest has spelled food shortages and lack of purchasing power due to skyrocketing costs. “This means many families will not have enough to sustain them through until the next season in May 2023….”

Broadly loved and supported by Church of God congregations over the years, Tanzania’s Aldersgate Education Center is not immune to the economic fallout. By faith, the Church of God in Tanzania has taken necessary steps to ensure adequate nutrition for students, faculty, and staff. But as the drought persists, the pressure mounts. Thankfully, Church of God Disaster Relief and Restoration is coming alongside the Church of God of Tanzania—the school, and the pastors of the region to provide both emergency food assistance and stockpile provisions in light of forthcoming national shortages.

In view of such a crisis, the degree of need extends beyond what immediate relief can address. Through Global Strategy and regional coordinators John and Gwen Johnson, the Church of God is committed to remaining in contact with the Church of God of Tanzania to discuss opportunities for more long-term investment.

Disaster Relief funds continue to be needed to support the Church of God of Tanzania in these trying times. To further equip the local church to respond to hurting families and communities, donations can be made to Church of God Ministries Disaster Relief. Your gift today supports those suffering in Tanzania, Ukraine, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other communities across the globe where the local Church of God is responding to disaster. Thank you.

Feature (top) photo: An especially dry Tanzanian wilderness. Photo by MARIOLA GROBELSKA on Unsplash.

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