Experiencing Life Change through IYC

 In Church of God, Youth Ministries

“Creating a moment for life change” is the purpose and mission of IYC, but it is something much more; it is something that is being achieved. I know this is true because I have witnessed dozens of friends who are changed because God moved in their lives at IYC. But ultimately, I know this because I am changed.

As a 14-year-old boy, I remember seeing so many people worship the Lord together at IYC2010 in Orlando and being amazed at how big the kingdom of God must be. Two years later in Denver, the Lord continued to transform me as Romans 8 was the theme, and I saw the power in studying God’s Word. I then had the opportunity to serve on the Student Leadership Team for IYC2014. The way that I was empowered on this team changed me in a remarkable way. God is continually transforming lives through IYC, and I cannot wait to sit in awe at how the Lord will move at IYC2018.

I don’t know exactly how God will transform lives next summer, but I pray that no student will miss this moment for life change. IYC2018 will be July 2–5, in Indianapolis, Indiana, and it will be incredible. The theme is “On Track: Faith, Purity, Joy, and Focus” and comes from Hebrews 12:1–3. To learn more, check out www.iyc2018.org, and be sure to tell your students to check it out, as well. God is going to move in amazing ways, and I hope you and your students will be there to experience IYC2018.

Austin Shaner is a student at Warner University in Lake Wales, Florida. He is a staff intern for IYC2018.

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