Embracing Destiny: California Church Brings Kingdom to Life through Expansion

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By Carl Stagner

The Sheppard name carries remarkable weight in the Church of God movement. The legacy of Horace Sheppard, one of the most gifted pastors to have stepped into the pulpit, certainly carries on the impact of a life lived for the glory of God. But the next generation of Sheppards have undoubtedly stepped into his large shoes to serve in several significant capacities worthy of note in their own right. One of these names is Paul Sheppard, founding pastor, alongside his wife Meredith, of Destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California. One of his notable accomplishments, along with the congregation he so faithfully serves, has finally come to pass. As the Fremont church embraces the destiny laid out before them, they’re discovering that through a variety of means—including their most recent facility expansion—they are helping bring the kingdom of God to life in vivid display.

Pastor Paul takes us back to the beginning. “In 2012,” he explains, “we leased with the option to buy a 37,000-plus-square-foot industrial building in a business park in Fremont, California. We converted it into a worship center and moved in on June 22, 2014. The following year, we obtained the funding needed to purchase both that facility and the 15,000-plus-square-foot building adjacent to it.”

Kingdom Life Center door

That adjacent building remained empty, however, until only four years ago. It was at that time in the history of Destiny Christian Fellowship that Pastor Paul formally announced to the church that they would establish the Destiny Christian Fellowship Kingdom Life Center next door.

“The KLC was built to ensure that we are a church that not only worships/teaches well,” Pastor Paul explains, “but also one that meets a wide range of needs in the lives of our members and the community at-large. It’s a place for fellowship, fun, and fitness—physical, spiritual, and emotional health.”

The brand-new facility, which opened with pomp and ceremony on Sunday, November 19, features a variety of classic and special components designed to help serve and reach the community through the love of Jesus Christ:

  • three counseling offices to be used by Christian therapists/MFTs;
  • junior high/senior high lounge, meeting space, and games area;
  • basketball half court;
  • table sports area (pool table, table tennis, and air hockey);
  • a physical fitness/exercise room (see attached diagram); and
  • multipurpose rooms: large area for aerobics/Zumba classes or services/events (150 or less in attendance), and three smaller rooms that can be used for senior citizen gatherings, board/card games, Christian education for students with special needs, etc.

Basketball in the new Kingdom Life Center

Fulfilling the vision has been a journey of faith for Pastor Paul and the congregation, but that has only made the achievement even sweeter. Sacrificial giving, patience, and much prayer has gone into the effort and such effort has certainly paid off. But the kingdom dividends have only yet to become known!

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