Elected to Serve: Canadian Politician among Convention 2023 Speakers

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By Carl Stagner

Actively involved in one of the largest Church of God congregations in Canada—East Side Church of God in Swift Current, Saskatchewan—Jeremy Patzer is most well-known across Canada and around the world as an MP—a member of parliament. In 2021, Church of God Ministries published a CHOGnews article that offered a closer look at the man behind the “voice of Canadian conscience,” offering perspective on faith and culture through the lens of an influential leader.

Elected with 81-percent of the vote in 2019, Patzer took the baton of leadership from retiring MP David Anderson, who held the position since 2000. Having grown up on the family farm and ultimately taking a job in telecommunications, Patzer now champions the rights of people of faith when establishing policies, a mission passed down from his predecessor. Patzer represents the Cypress Hills-Grasslands “riding” (think congressional district) of Saskatchewan, simultaneously representing the kingdom of God in the public square.

MP Jeremy Patzer

Before his present position and calling, Patzer’s past suggests a future in politics was always possible, though not necessarily probable. Patzer’s family was actively involved in politics, but he himself hadn’t expressed any such interest as a child. From municipal government to parliament, his family history provided a picture of the hard, and often complex, arena of society. At age thirteen, his uncle was elected as an MP, capturing Patzer’s imagination and fueling personal interest in politics. Eventually, he got involved in campaigns and his own political future started to unfold.

MP Patzer sees opportunity for God’s people to make an impact on the world not only through the local church, but also through politics. His life, example, and accomplishments are actively proving that faith doesn’t have to be checked at the door to the halls of government.

“We have begun to see a swing in politics over the last decade, where there is more of a social impact and lens applied to all that we do,” Patzer has observed. “More and more, that lens is colored in a way that has unintentionally led to the degradation of our society. This is largely due to the lack of a biblical worldview, and allows society to be broken into all of these various groups. Our culture is so focused on the things that separate us, whether it be ethnicity, skin color, religion, sexuality, etc. The opportunity of my generation is to bring the focus back to the things that unite us, and I believe the gospel message shows us how to do that, even for people who don’t necessarily have the same faith or beliefs that we do as Christians.”

East Side Church of God campus

Being in the public eye isn’t for the faint of heart. East Side Church of God offers the Patzer family a place to be recharged and refreshed as often as they are able to attend. But God has also shaped MP Patzer even under public scrutiny, and in the public square.

“God’s plan is bigger and better than my plans,” Patzer reflects. “He put me into this position for a time such as this, and I need to trust his timing and that there is a purpose for the things that are going on in the world right now.”

Jeremy Patzer did not grow up in the Church of God movement but, as a young adult, discovered the congregation at East Side Church of God was Christ-centered, loving, biblically grounded, and mission-minded. “It is a church that is grounded in Scripture and has always made that a focus,” Patzer notes. “From the topics of the series being preached, to the various other groups and outreach ministries at the church, the gospel message has always been the foundation.”

MP Patzer was originally scheduled to speak at the Church of God Convention in 2021, but pandemic restrictions limited his international travel options. Two years later, the Church of God in the United States and Canada are delighted to finally get to hear from this man of great faith, widespread influence, and deep conviction.

Jeremy Patzer’s family

“I am motivated to be able to gather and fellowship in person with the greater body of believers,” Patzer concludes. “This is a foundational principle in the spread and growth of the gospel throughout the Bible, and it is going to be one of the important keys if we are to truly have a revival in our society of biblical values and people coming to faith in Jesus. To be able to come and address the crowd within my role as a parliamentarian is an exciting opportunity, and one that will continue to show that God is working and moving in our everyday lives and in all areas of society. I hope I am able to bring some encouragement to the church body while also being inspired and encouraged myself.”

Jeremy Patzer and his wife Kyla, along with their three children, call Swift Current home. When not engaged in politics, Jeremy loves to spend time with his family, enjoying the great outdoors, finding time for a round of golf, and, in the winter, playing hockey.

“He’s got the whole world in his hands.” What an encouraging reality! Be inspired by it, be challenged by it, and experience it firsthand at Convention 2023 and General Assembly, June 22–25 in Tampa, Florida. Learn more and register at www.chogconvention.org.

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