Egermeier’s Bible Story Book Comes to Life in New Interactive Format

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By Carl Stagner

If you grew up in the Church of God—frankly, if you grew up in Sunday school in any number of denominations—there’s a good chance you’re familiar with Egermeier’s Bible Story Book. Since its original publish date in 1927, the popular children’s book has sold more than six million copies, familiarizing families around the world with the classic Bible stories and simultaneously pointing readers to Jesus Christ. Across the decades, different editions and versions of the classic have been published by Warner Christian Resources, but now the Church of God is excited to announce a brand-new interactive Egermeier’s unlike any prior format, poised to engage young students of the Bible like never before.

Interested in inspiring your children, grandchildren, your Sunday school class, your children’s church, or your student small group participants to want to study the Bible? The new interactive format of Egermeier’s Bible Story Book—the Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible—includes over 400 attention-grabbing illustrations designed with contemporary stylings, not outdated sketches. With any smartphone, QR codes throughout the book will provide readers with the chance to hear and see video animation of the stories. In the back of the book, additional Bible facts, prayers, and maps are provided to help readers dig deeper into the context of Bible background. Of course, Egermeier’s stories are told in chronological order to aid in understanding how the narrative of the Scripture unfolds and ultimately leads to Jesus. Though the resource is geared toward children eight to twelve years old, teens and adults will also find it practically useful in personal Bible study and biblical comprehension.

Known for her longtime children’s ministry excellence in the Church of God, Tina Houser considers herself part of the “I-Love-Egermeier’s Fan Club.” She reflects on the new release from Warner Christian Resources:

“It’s a gem that way too many children’s ministry leaders and team members, as well as parents and pastors, have not discovered. Egermeier’s Bible Story Book is the one resource every kid and adult needs. Oh, the stories I could tell of how teachers refuse to go into a classroom without reading their Egermeier’s first—or parents who get together to read Egermeier’s so they can keep up with what their kids are learning—or new believers who walk through Egermeier’s because it’s chronological, accurate, understandable, and a great adjunct resource to their Bible. Although I’ve written nineteen books altogether, when asked what resource I most highly recommend, there’s no doubt what I’ll say: ‘Get an Egermeier’s!’ It’s always been wonderful, but now this new edition is going to be even better with tons of illustrations.”

In total, 312 Bible stories are included and span the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Scripture references and discussion questions complete this resource to make it one of the most significant available to parents, teachers, pastors, and, of course, children of all ages who simply want digestible and fun means to learn the Bible and grow in discipleship.

Still prefer the traditional edition? Warner Christian Resources will continue to make it available, as well.

Learn more, download a free sample, and “pre-buy” your copy today of Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible ahead of its anticipated November delivery at

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